Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Not Indeed

Lee and Anne Birch - Why Not Micropub
It was the official opening of Westgate's newest micro-pub tonight, the 'Why Not' in Lymington Road and I was privileged to cut the ribbon, alongside reporter, Thomas Brown of the Thanet Gazette.

I was delighted to see the former hairdresser's packed with local residents and supporters. Despite the objections of local residents this summer, Lee and Anne Birch have done a fine job and speaking to local people, I believe that in the greater part, they have now be won over by the idea of having this small Real Ale, traditional pub on their doorstep.

I should add, that as I was driving, I only drank ginger ale, as someone is bound to comment otherwise.

I do wish Lee and Anne the very best of luck with their new venture, a long-held ambition for Lee. With a fine selection of real ales and wines to choose from, I'm sure the Linksfield and Lymington residents will have some entertaining and friendly winter's evenings yet to come. I would also like to thank them for their charity donation to the NSPCC from the opening night's raffle.
Thomas Brown  and Simon Moores

Earlier today, I was over at Spilsted Farm near Hastings for some aircraft maintenance. I've a night flight scheduled up to Chester this week and wanted to make sure everything was working perfectly, given the predicted freezing weather. Not quite 'Ice Pilots' but always sensible to make sure.

Spilsted is one of the more radical airfields in the south, as it's rather like a ski-jump. However, the wide angle lens on the Go-Pro wing camera makes it appear almost gentle, rather than a 40 degree slope that you can just about make-out on the take off run directly into the Sun, which doesn't do anything for the recording quality.

If you missed the uproar over the Royal Sands and Pleasurama vote in Council on Thursday, then the Conservative Group have issued a press release on the subject. It's been an unhappy week for our struggling local democracy.


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I hear that the real identity of Mr Fox of Pig Watch fame is close to being revealled.

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Mr Fox is ??????????? if he doesn't behave he will be named

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I haven't been that interested in who Mr Fox is before, and the lack of anyone else commenting about him shows the general level of interest.

You may aswell just name him and show proof.