Friday, December 07, 2012

Tribal Troubles

Jimmy Choo - Picadilly
I was up in London in a rather busy Piccadilly yesterday and you can probably guess where I was from the photo. Westgate station was being given a thorough cleaning and weeding which was a wonderful early Xmas gift for the town

I arrived back for the evening Council meeting with five minutes to spare and so missed the BBC's 'expose' of so-called 'Tribalism' at Thanet District Council.

I've just watched the recording and here it is if you missed it. To me it looks very much as if the BBC have been manipulated by the Thanet Independents but draw your own conclusions and perhaps watch some of the Council meetings referred to.

Westgate on Sea Station
 Last night was particularly notable for two reasons. The first being Labour's rejection of a motion for the full Council to debate the Ramsgate Royal Sands Pleasurama development agreement, given the concerns expressed at the due diligence process. The second being the remarkable outburst by Cllr Ian Driver, who under privilege and with the developer's agent Terence Painter, present in the public gallery, alleged improper commercial behaviour, in detail that I certainly cannot risk repeating here, for fear of being sued. I'm sure Mr Painter's lawyer's will be busy this morning.

In the light of such grave allegations, for Clive Hart's group to vote against a Royal Sands debate, I feel goes straight against the public interest and I'm sure we will be hearing more on the subject very soon.

Cllr Iris Johnston made a revealing comment last night, when she objected to me using my iPad in the chamber. Councillors may have spotted that at times when Labour members aren't using political hyperbole: "Punishing the working classes," as we heard last evening, they can be rather economical with the truth.

While I explained to the Chairman that I was using the iPad to look up the actual contents of the Chancellor's autumn statement and not Labour's version, Iris Johnston, objected on the ground that it gave me an opportunity to make 'Smart comments.' And there good reader, the gulf between the tired political dinosaurs in the Chamber and the modern world becomes a chasm. Why, because I thought, that checking the real facts about Tuesday's budget speech on benefits and having the Council information available to search, instantly in PDF form on a tablet, was an advantage over tons of useless and expensive paper!

I have to pop-out for a while but more later I hope.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. Worrow. Your antics and greed for publicity has brought to ruin and shame the Thanet District Council. I do not care who has sex with who, or what for that matter, what I DO care about is our area. I am now embarrassed at the way in which this matter has reached national levels and I place the entire responsibility at the very small feet of Mr. Worrow. Shame on you, shame on Mr. Driver and Shame on the whole 'TIG' Brigade. Does it not occur to any of these people that they have committed political suicide with their antics ? Enjoy your moment of fame while you can, you will quickly disappear into obscurity and be forgotten forever by the voters.

James Maskell said...

I could only be there for half an hour, having committed to be elsewhere that evening. That Bayford was standing to speak as I left is mere coincidence...

On the tech front, I sympathise. The first thing to go on my Kindle earlier this year was the Manston night flights report as a PDF.

What was the decision on mobile phone use in the Chamber?