Friday, December 21, 2012

Not Quite the End

It's passed the moment of 11:11 am on Friday 21st December 2012 and to my great surprise, I'm still here with no visible signs of a passing apocalypse other than the small dog, sitting on my desk, breaking wind.

I suspect that you too  may have survived but as I look out of my window, towards the seafront at St Mildred's Bay, I don't see even a solitary seagull, so perhaps you have all been 'raptured' off to heaven without me, along with tens of thousands of credulous Americans and many hundreds of believers, camped outside Mayan pyramids on the Yucatan peninsula and now looking rather disappointed.

Strangely enough, the internet still appears to be working, at least for now, which is a good sign as Amazon still have a few late Christmas offers remaining with guaranteed delivery on Monday morning.

So while I'm waiting for everything to get back to normal, here's Jim Morrison and 'The Doors' famous Vietnam era, song 'The End' from the movie, Apocalypse Now . Strangely enough, Martin Sheen, the main actor, used to attend the same church as me, when he lived in London.

Finally and with another hundred thousand years to go before the next prophecy, does anyone recognise the black cat, that's now a regular at Molly's in Westgate. If you do, his bar tab has now run-out and he's quite partial to a saucer of Pina Colada, before passing out for the remainder of the day.


Anonymous said...

Looking round the blogs, all the usual trolls, including the dreaded aquifer person, all seem to have survived as well so it is business as usual I guess.

You have a good Christmas and keep up the good work in the new year.

Simon Moores said...

Many thanks and you too!