Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Column of Smoke by Day

A quick morning entry as it's too wet to take the dog out for a a walk before starting work.

I arrived back from Cambridge in a record 35 minutes yesterday evening, thanks to a strong tail-wind and was lucky to have avoided the snow which has closed both Stansted and Luton this morning.

On the way out at Sunset on Monday, (see photo from above Whitstable wind farm) I spotted what I first thought was an unusual fog bank, stretching from the edge of the Blackwater on the Essex coast, reaching all the way to North Foreland. Then I heard a passing Easyjet flight into Southend, reporting a large fire and as my route took me towards it at 3,000 feet, I went to have a closer look.

Westgate 1920's Enhanced from Original
The fire was on the very edge of military Danger Area 138, which closes at 15:30 and was blazing away on a concrete apron with fierce intensity. This is where they test the big guns and explosives and it looked as if the army had gone home and left whatever was burning to go out on its own. Not very 'green' to say the least, as I reported to Southend ATC that the widening pall of thick smoke reaching up to 500 feet, extended at least 25 miles.

Westgate 1920's Enhanced
I've a presentation to prepare for London tomorrow and that's followed by a Council meeting and several interesting questions among the evening's business. I have signed a notice of motion, requesting that the Pleasurama decision be put before the full Council for proper debate, as I feel that it the proper place to discuss the matter, given events and revelations to date.

I have been asked if there has been any further news of the proposed Tesco Metro development in Westgate and the answer is 'Not yet.' When I hear anything more in regard to the application and the process, I will let everyone know here.

I did have in my diary, the invitation to the opening of the new micro-pub in Lymington road, Westgate on Sunday night. I went along but there was no sign of life. Can anyone tell me if the opening date plans have changed?

Finally, as seen in the photo below, brave staff and students from East Kent College doing a sponsored walk this morning in aid of the Porchlight charity in bitter weather and sleet along the seafront. I hope they find a warm drink along the way!


1 o'clock Rob said...

East Kent College Community Day today so lots going on both at the Broadstairs Campus and out in the community. For more details of what both students and staff are up to head over to the College website or click this link

Anonymous said...

Lymington Road Micro pub had it's opening on Sunday 2nd December during the lunchtime, and is now open every lunchtime and every evening except Sunday evenings.

No bar, no atmosphere, no heating. Bring your coat!

Simon Moores said...

That explains it. I had an invitation for 6:30pm for some reason!

I'm not John Worrow said...

Tesco Westgate.

I see a new drawing has been submitted today by Tesco on the website. Actually, 2 items added today, only one relates to Tesco Westgate, the other item is something in Newton Valence.

It looks better then the first version, and it's a more detailed drawing with better period features. I can now see what the west wall looks like.

Need to see it in 3D scaled in relation to exhisting buildings.