Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looking Ahead

It's difficult not to believe that Thanet is now being run by characters in a Boulting Brothers comedy but with fewer laughs.

Arlington House and Tesco, Pleasurama, Dreamland, Margate Football Club. animal exports and I think almost every item without exception that the Labour Group took over, twelve months ago, has progressed either not at all or at politburo-style, glacial speed.

Instead, we have the hiring of expensive consultants to help our Council understand Thanet better, an increase in Council Tax, free parking in Birchington at a cost to the local events budget, No Night Flights at Manston, limitless rainbow-coloured diversity and total inclusion, which is nice.

With news in further below of Cllr Rick Everitt, that I'm surprised the local paper hasn't spotted, readers could imagine that Clive Hart's entire Labour governing team here in Thanet is now in danger of being serially unemployed. That's if they aren't on long-term disability, sickness benefit, wintering in Australia or a mixture of several at once. All on the increased councillors' allowances the struggling Labour  members voted-in, immediately after taking control twelve months ago.

The man who manages Thanet's public money and who has given us all a rise in council tax, next year, Labour's football-loving Rick Everitt, the Cabinet Member for Finance, has been attracting some controversial attention of his own in football circles and this has led him to release the following statement over a month ago but which was just bought to my attention.:

“I can confirm that I have today been sacked by the club by email in a letter from Martin Prothero but signed in his absence by the club’s personnel manager Helen Reed. I understand Martin has not been at The Valley today. This is the decision of a disciplinary hearing that took place on Friday, September 28th, 19 days ago, and according to the club is the culmination of a disciplinary process that began on Tuesday, July 10th – more than 14 weeks ago.” – Rick Everitt."

What it all means, I don't know but speculating Charlton fans have their own vigorous opinions. This did lead one Councillor to quip that "Between them, the Labour Cabinet can now spend even more time doing nothing."

Aware of the harsher lessons of the Lord McAlpine story, I won't be exploring the circumstances of this mystery any further and neither will I be accepting any comments on the same.


Don Wood said...

What with the Government, TDC and the Church I am feeling as if no one share's the same universe as me any longer. Still maybe the are all busy saving the world and I am the only one who has no idea on their scale of what people want to see accomplished. I am only human after all.

James Maskell said...

To clarify for readers, when Simon says "an increase in Council Tax", he means a 2% increase for the next 4 years. The reason why it's 'only' 2% is because that's the threshold at which a local referendum would have to be held, costing about £100k.

Simon Moores said...

Thanks for the clarification James.

Anonymous said...

Don, presume you include the church because of the decision over women bishops. There are differing views on this but, for the moment, a majority in the synod are opposed which, surely, is their democratic right whether we individually agree with it or not.

One thing that has troubled me all along for this clamouring for equality is that all too frequently it is accompanied by positive discrimination. True equality would have people judged entirely on merit and suitability without quotas or enforced percentages.

In an equal situation there would be times when women might be considered better at some jobs than men and vice versa. What is wrong with that?

Push equality too far and women tennis players, now getting the same prize money as men, would have to compete with men in the same competitions to win any. Now that would be really equal.

As for TDC, I can think of nothing that has not been said already, but did we really expect anything different.

Chris Wells said...

The intent to raise council tax by 2% in each of the next two years is an action necessitated by their inability to manage an extra 1% saving on the current budget, and thus accept the government offer of 1% rise in grant to prevent any council tax rise at all for two years.

To put that in context; the new Director post@£90,000 per year; the new cabinet position, and shadow and support at around £20,000 per year; the rise in councillor allowances, at around £10,000 in a full year; the mysterious £50,000 for 'another Iris Johnston project'; the £40,000 lost parking revenue, redirected for political reasons to buy supportive votes in council add up to around the 1% savings required. That doesnot include the current consultants hired to help us understand thanet; nor the coming consultant hire to understand the Theatre Royal - whose report should sinply reflect Jeff Fendall's excellent analysis in the Gazette today.

The Star Chamber savings process has been abandoned, and there is nothing in its place to squeeze out the required savings to meet even the current medium term plan, including four years of 2% rises in council tax.

Very clear examples of the cost of having a labour administration.

Simon Moores said...

Rick.. you can comment but no mention of the SAS, guns, bombs, men in uniform, men dressing-up in uniform, undressed men who were in uniform, chief constables or anything vaguely military please!

Don Wood said...

LOL muchly at Simons last comment

Anonymous said...

The old Gazette & Thanet Times building looks like it might be being used as a 'canabis farm'.
There is an unusal vent in the old window board & some cables running inhouse from the old street lamp.
Might need checking out.

Simon Moores said...

Wouldn't that be funny! Possibly explains reports of reporters still haunting the place!