Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Going Dutch

An aviation theme today, with the good news that very soon, we will have regular KLM flights from Manston, to the European super-hub at Schipol and from there, to the Far-east and anywhere else in the world. This is an excellent opportunity for further regeneration, here in Thanet, and let's all hope that The Labour/TIG, 'One World Alliance' don't drop the ball with this heaven-sent opportunity and show the airport the support and flexibility it needs to succeed.

While I wasn't invited to the launch party last night, I understand Council Leader, Clive Hart was there, supported by his deputy-Leader, Councillor Worrow, who working tirelessly in the cause of in-flight diversity, reportedly never left his side. Apparently, there's an emphasis on Thanet Council working with the airline to promote the service and I'm also told it's a very early start for the flight.

The microclimate I discovered on the Isle of Sheppey has moved over Thanet today, and while I think of other things to write, here's a quick video link to the Turkish marriage proposal I ran over Southend pier, just before dusk yesterday. The light wasn't great for the video but if you would like to see what it looks like from the air, then here's the video from my GoPro wing camera.

Time for a 'Wabbit Waffle' and the new micro-pub in Lymington Road, Westgate, will have its grand opening on 25h November at 6.30 pm, now the council has granted it a license and I plan to go along. Lee Birch, the landlord tells me they will be raffling a giant rabbit for charity. This caused me to pause briefly, until I realised it was a really stuffed toy he meant.

Other than reminding everyone to vote for their choice of Police Commissioner on Thursday and expressing my relief, that the High Court has approved the Selective Licensing Scheme I fought with my colleagues to introduce, in deprived areas of Cliftonville and Margate, I will add more later if I have the chance....

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