Sunday, November 04, 2012

Christ of the Steps

Christ of the Steps
The Isle of Thanet is of course plagued by graffiti but nobody was more surprised than me, to stumble across a portrait of what looks very much like the face of Christ, drawn in charcoal and chalk. This is on the wall of the steps down to the beach from the cliff, at St Mildred's Bay, in Westgate, just past the end of the now defunct putting green.

So is this vandalism or inspired art in the style of  the Turin Shroud or the anonymous street artist 'Banksy?'

As Margate, thanks to the emerging Turner effect, is now becoming a centre of modern art culture, would you like to see more of such original art of is there no place at all for any graffiti, artistic or not, in the public spaces around Thanet?

With all the rain, best see it quickly if you are curious as it may wash off soon!

Christ of the Steps in St Mildred's Bay

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