Monday, November 26, 2012

Carry On Clive

James Maskell has already passed comment on the sudden and quite unexpected Cabinet job reshuffle at Thanet District Council. This leaves the Labour Leader, Clive Hart, as the exclusive face of public enterprise, more time to focus on developing his plans for greater local economic dystopia and diversity, from the safety of his first floor bunker.

Curiously, the weight of most of Leader's responsibilities now appear to have fallen on the shoulders of  his Cabinet comic, Cllr Michelle Fenner, on account of his deputy and my opposite number, Alan Poole, still languishing in the Australian outback, I assume.

It's all a mystery to me, because everyone knows that Cllr Iris Johnston is really in charge of anything and everything and makes that very clear to all. So why not have done with the pretense, rather than move the titles around in a grand fashion.

More on this later perhaps in between this week's wet and muddy flying jobs.


Anonymous said...


You say that the whole Council is now run (manipulated) by Iris Johnstone, but many of us have known that for a long time now, way before you lost control. Better not upset her or you'll be for the gallows.

Anonymous said...

I would be amazed if Iris believes that Clive could possibly be a credible representative for Thanet and the Council. Why does she not want to take the leadership herself. She could then get rid of the nodding donkey cabinet and tell everyone how much money she had saved. Think of the publicity opportunity.