Saturday, October 06, 2012

Westgate Heritage Centre Re-launch

Westgate 1872
I've been at the re-launch of the Westgate-on-Sea Heritage Centre this morning, at St Saviour's Church.

For readers unfamiliar with the project, the Centre aims to tell the story of Westgate on Sea, a unique Victorian development, from 1865 the year when the first houses were built to the present. Today, it's founder, Dr Dawn Crouch handed it over to a new working committee of volunteers, whilst retaining her role of Consultant Historian and Honorary Curator.

I have uploaded three old maps from 1872, 1898 and 1936 to illustrate some of the dramatic changes that took place in a relatively short period of time. If you expand the photos, you can see that Roman remains were found on the site of what is now the remains of the St Mildreds hotel.

Westgate 1898
The event was well attended and I met Clr Iris Johnston and Cllr Tom King among others. Sir Roger Gale, just back from Georgia, in his role of a parliamentary election monitor, made a short speech and lit the candle on the celebratorycake. In fact, it was more of a Roman Candle!

I collected some photographs along the way to share.

Westgate 1936
Sir Roger Gale Lights the Cake


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the planners of 1865 would have made of the Westgate of this morning? Litter in the gutters and alleyways of Station Road and yet another black bag ripped apart opposite the station. I'm also sick of picking up other people's detritus outside my own house - an empty beer can this morning.

Michael Child said...

Simon with the old maps of Westgate I’m not sure if you have discovered the 1872
OS Sheets: XXV5-XXV7 and XXV9, XXV10 published online at

if not you may find them worth a look.