Monday, October 08, 2012

There Must be an Answer

If you live in Westgate, don't forget there's not only the monthly meeting of the WWRA this evening at 7pm at Westbrook Bowls Club but a second meeting at the Westgate Community Centre at 8pm to discuss its future, and I will try and attend both.

Misty Olympic Site
Police Inspector Impey wrote to me on Friday, to let me know that following our recent meeting, he will be placing some extra resource into Westgate, to address the prevailing anti-social concerns. I'm sure that vandals  setting our much-loved cricket club ablaze, was a good enough reason for me to labour the point that we needed rather more support from our local Police service than we may have been receiving of late.

As I've written here before, I quite understand, that with examples of murder and mayhem now happening in Margate and Cliftonville on what appears to be an almost regular basis, scarce Police resources are focused very much on dealing with community problems in key areas, which have been thrust upon us. We have several characters here in Westgate, who are passing through the fast revolving door of our criminal justice system, with little or no sanction and who are giving me cause for concern. Perhaps this is something the new Police Commissioner can address but without the cooperation of the courts, communities like our own, have good reason to have little faith in our overloaded criminal justice system to find a vigorous and effective answer  to a pervasive and prevailing problem in society today.

On a lighter note, I was at Wolverhampton yesterday, flying over a wedding reception and here's the video if you are interested. An RAF friend of mine noticed I was at Halfpenny Green airfield from my Twitter feed and you can see he joined me in his Christen Eagle to add a little extra punch to the display for the couple below. I tried to take a photo of the Olympic site with a London background on the way north but it didn't come out well as you can see. Visibility was very poor first thing.

Finally, today's aggregated Thanet virtual newspaper can be found here.


I'm not John Worrow said...

The new Tesco planning application drawing looks c*ap. I'm no artist or architect, but the front half closest to the toilet looks almost right except there should be 2 windows in each bay on the upper level, as only having one looks dreadful.

The other half looks like they gave up in the design phase. It has no charactor whatsoever. The arches are far to wide. They should scrap that half of the design as I think it would of worked better with 3 victorian style stone arches like you get at the big old london train stations.

The little mock stone pediment on the top looks terrible. Think it would give it more charactor if they had a split level on the roof line, this would give the impression of 2 seperate buildings so half the design could be different to add more charactor.

I'm not John Worrow said...

Actually, still thinking about Tesco. What about styling it more like the carlton cinema building, or the piggy bank nursery.

I'm not John Worrow said...

Something is wrong with Proposed West Elevation on the planning application coloured drawing. It doesn't seem to define where the flatroof joins the fake building front/wall. Makes it look like the flat roof is only on the back, and not on the side.

Hard to explain how weird the west side looks without rendering it in 3D to show you.

I'm not John Worrow said...

Still nit picking on Tesco.

I'm trying to work out if they are going to leave that mobile phone transmitter mast and its power supply/cabinet in situ, but maybe block it's signal slightly with the building.

Also trying to work out if the streetlamp across the road from the flower shop is in the middle of Tesco's main entrance. Cant be bothered to go look as it's raining.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside Tesco for the moment, thoroughly enjoyed the video.