Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Westgate Time Machine

From Michael's Bookshop excellent reprint of "Westgate-on- Sea - Descriptive Booklet and Official Guide," let me remind readers of times past, when Westgate could "claim to have a perfect system of drainage, a constant supply of pure water and an efficient lighting system, which are essential items towards success in a high-class watering place."

At the time, early in the last century, vistors would have been pleased to hear that: "No hawkers, barrel organs, etc, are allowed within the precincts of the town. In fact no one is allowed to disturb the quiet seclusion that reigns."

Times change and not always for the better, as we are only too well aware here in Thanet. You'll observe the trees, lining the streets in the photograph,  for which Westgate was well-known.

There's a presentation on Westgate's history by Dawn Crouch at the heritage centre at St Saviour's Church, this coming Saturday at 10:30 for those readers interested in re-visiting the town's distinguished history.

Westgate on Sea - Early 1900s


Right Thinking Tory said...

Simon - I've just got another leaflet from our local socialists and it's the second I've got since the by-election result.

I've got nothing from the local Tories who I vote for - are we giving up the ghost?

Simon Moores said...

Labour appear to be indulging in some kind of self justification exercise although by all accounts quite invisible in Westgate except for paper being shoved through peoples' doors.

I believe that it's probably best wait for something to say before going on the leaflet trail and you have to remember that Labour have a religious zeal that gave us the complete financial mess and chronic national debt which surrounds us.

Anonymous said...

It is evidently policy for Thanet Labour to distribute leaflets or newsletters in wards where they have a councillor or feel they are in with a chance. In solid Tory wards, and I can speak from experience of Kingsgate, Viking and Bradstowe, they do not even seem to bother at election times.

Right Thinking Tory said...


Glad to hear we're still out and about - I was just a bit concerned as a few of my neighbours actually went out the person delivering the their 'Communist Manifesto's and congratulated them on their election victory so there's a bit of support for the socialists on our side of the divide.

I'm a bit concerned we'll slip even further behind if there's a by-election in Cliftonville can I get involved to defend our area from the Crimson Tide?

Simon Moores said...

Six months on I don't see any evidence of the doorstep promise that local benefits cuts would be reversed either!

Anyway.. all volunteers are very welcome indeed and please send an email with your details to