Friday, October 05, 2012


The pallid corpse of local journalism was not even cold, before the dastardly 'Biggles' had grabbed the Thanet Times lifeless and still-twitching web-address; resurrecting the poor mad creature, like a ghastly digital version of Frankenstein, to taunt the demoralised and dyslexic hacks, tapping away at their ageing typewriters at Margate's Gazette towers.

Not even the  Editor's desperate offer of appearing topless on page three, as part of a squalid Naked in Thanet,  photoshoot, outside the Turner Centre, had not been enough to save The Thanet Times from its own dwindling popularity and thinly-developed editorial.

If any consolation exists, outside the barely disguised irritation at the editor's lack of foresight in missing the 'bleeding obvious' in registering the paper's domain name for their own company, it's that the English language has been saved for another day; they only had 116 years to get around to it!

Verbs and nouns and even simple grammar, can now breathe a sigh of relief, together with the newspaper's former readers, as it migrates to a better and bolder online world; waiting patiently for the Thanet Gazette to join it in the grave.


1 o'clock Rob said...

Very funny... sad to see it go, but then it was sad that my nan lost her job as a telephone operator the day they automated the Maidstone exchange last century. Newspapers have been facing an uphill battle since the dawn of the internet era and their time in the sunlight is coming to an end as the dusk starts on their paper based industry.

Anonymous said...


Your posting sounds like an open declaration of war with Rebecca. Is that very wise?

Simon Moores said...

Of course not.. light hearted banter in response to her acerbic wit in 'Smudger' today. She pushes and I push back but somewhat harder.