Sunday, October 14, 2012

Past and Present

St Clements Hotel 2012
Westgate-on-Sea, in its heyday, was famous for many of its buildings and the characters that once lived in or visited the little seaside town in the early part of the 20th century.

The St Clements hotel is still standing on the corner of Westgate Bay Avenue and Sea Road and here's a then and now look at the building for readers with an historical and architectural interest.

When you think of former glories and the trees that once lined its streets, it's difficult to resist the sense of nostalgia. I'm reminded of the film of HG Wells 1895 novel, 'The Time Machine'  which would have provided a fascinating setting for the town from the Edwardian days to the present, where we are frequently attempting to make time stand still and resist the advances of developers, intent on building more tall, square, retirement blocks to change the face of a once familiar and much loved seafront scene.

St Clements Hotel early 1900s

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Anonymous said...

The tree lined roads poses an interesting question. Has anyone worked out the comparison between the injuries to people caused by falling tree branches and illness arising from a polluted atmosphere due to too few trees?

Then again it may be purely political and somebody on the left thought that Tories win in leafy suberbs so get rid of the leaf source. Only joking, honest, before everyone left of Nick Clegg attacks me.