Friday, October 19, 2012

Even More Bananas

The rather long-winded Council inquiry into this weblog will shortly grind to its conclusion. With no public expense spared by our present administration, an independent external investigator has been retained, statements taken, web sites trawled and several small trees sacrificed for paper.

So for the sake of readers' amusement, if nothing more, I thought that in advance of going out to buy today's Thanet Gazette, just to see if Smudger is really dead after all, I would once again, run the Woody Allen video clip which lay behind the story causing so much furore and complaint earlier in the year.

Satire, in any form, directed particularly at local councillors, is about as welcome in Thanet as criticism of Vladimir Putin in Moscow's now deceased equivalent of Private Eye. Any loose but unrelated reference or reader comment in this weblog to subjects involving alcohol, senility, incompetence, megalomania, allowances or simply political insanity - see video clip - may, by Council diktat soon need to be replaced by properly approved expressions.Among them, warm, cuddly, diverse, astute,vibrant  intelligent and of course generous. 'Sober' may be regarded as pejorative in any context and any mention of Sasha Baron Cohen may be unacceptable.

I should add though that if this weblog were to be edited by the mysterious and missing Mr Fox, then of course, I could simply wash my hands of any responsibility for the content, however potentially offensive, as a 'blogging' councillor.

So watch this space in a couple of weeks once the Inquisition has completed its task and arrived at its proper verdict but best not ask who sits on the jury.

A little later.... I'm wrong! The Gazette's Smudger is not dead or not even resting but still smarting from my carpetbagging of the Thanet Times Web title, has instead been busy preparing a clever riposte. I must admit, it does become a little tedious correcting her about technology, as the Thanet Gazette, only quite recently, did away with the typewriter. This time, it's a sarcastic poke at my Twitter feed, seen opposite @simon Moores for having only a modest 223 followers.

Lots of people can have lots of followers on Twitter. Lady Gaga has over a million and Homer Simpson even more I'm told. However, what counts most in social media circles is not the quantity but the influence, quality or reflected reach of one's followers. This could be one's KLOUT score or the number of re-tweets; the size of the audience reached by one's Tweets as rated in Crowdbooster. As an unusual example, one of my own 'Tweet's this week reached 30,000 people.

So Smudger, I'm afraid that beyond becoming a little obsessive, this is yet another 'fail' on your part so you really are going to have to try harder!


Anonymous said...

Damn Labour, they'll be wanting to bring in a blogging protocol next!

Anonymous said...

Simon Moores said...

In fact this has little to do with the protocol but more with leveraging the standards regime.

Nottingham isn't a great example as he went way beyond political satire or good taste and possibly found it an expensive lesson in what is and what is not acceptable under the libel laws.

Ironically, the Standards Committee in that example set the bar much higher as give and take in public life so what a QC opined as libel the Council Standards Committee described as a form of banter, which was a little bizarre.

Michael Child said...

Ah Simon Twitter is a bit of a closed book to me I only have 22 followers, apart from auto tweeting when I post on my blog, like Facebook I neither understand nor do I use it, however in a bid towards cross blogger support, I pressed that, which I understood not enough, and am now following you, so it’s now 224.

Simon Moores said...


I am now truly rich in followers of literary distinction!

Bernie said...

I really wish I - and my family! - had more grasp of what you are alluding to here!

For those of us just starting to get our heads around local politics,it'd be great if you could expand a little on what you say, so we don't feel 'out of the loop' and can get to grips with what I presume are quite serious things being done, and having money spent on...?!!

From the bits we can understand it's a good job you're doing in bringing out in the light of day what is going on...but as we don't know the b/g to a lot of it, much will be going over our heads!

Off to follow as well now :) x

Simon Moores said...

Have a look at the TIG archive at as this reflects the views of the three gentlemen who hold the political balance of power here in Thanet

Anonymous said...

But, Bernie, do note that some of the Tigabout blogaite content has been added into the original by Councillor Moores; it wasn't all written by the three Independent Councillors. He doesn't identify himself as the author on the blog, but it's the supposedly "satirical" material on the right hand bar. Just so you know. He then re-posted the adapted blog to embarrass the three or, as he put it, to "do a public service"..

Simon Moores said...

Let's be totally clear for the benefit of the complete idiot who trolls around Thanet's weblogs attempting to distort the facts wherever possible.

As explained ad nauseum..the archive at is a straight capture of content from the John Worrow/TIG weblog.

However, because it is so desperately sad, diverse or downright barmy, it's been given a satirical tint along the right hand column, with three photographs; a rogues gallery if you like and a photo of 'The editor' plus a disclaimer. Everything else is authentic and there's stimm more that hasn't gone-up

For you I'm sure that's clear but for our previous commentator and for those with very short memories, it's all a put-up job!