Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy October 1st

Wing Walker Stearman
I'm being asked if I can provide the same dot matrix sky writing that was seen in this weekend's Ryder Cup and the short answer is firmly "No.' Among the reasons are enormous expense and airspace restrictions that would prevent it happening over most of Britain's urban landscape. In the States, for those of you who have watched, 'Flying Wild Alaska,' they don't have the same problems and you can event take a flight to downtown New York and look at the gap left by the Twin Towers.

Meanwhile, looking out of my window as I work on my Fujitsu presentation for London this week, there's little doubt that October has arrived and in a few short weeks it will be dark in time for Halloween and the BBC evening news.

I'm particularly disappointed in Andrew Marr's BBC History of the World at the moment, described by one newspaper review as a mix of 'Mangled Wreck' and 'Hollywood Schlock'. I had hoped that an ambitious production of this kind would be up to the highest BBC standards but instead discovered the childrens' 'Horrible Histories' pays rather more attention to historical detail and fact. I was so annoyed yesterday that I turned it off after forty minutes as I couldn't bear to watch his trite and very-much 'dumbed-down'  account of the Persian Wars and the campaigns of Alexander the Great any longer. This kind of production the BBC should leave firmly to Michael Wood and concentrate instead on East Enders and Holby City.

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Don Wood said...

I agree with you on the Andrew Marr History thing but I doubt many will think they will be passing a degree after having watched it.
It is entertaining and much better than East Enders not that I can tell as I have never watched it.