Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Full Employment

News of the country's record employment figures were greeted today, by the latest successful work-experience applicant at Westgate's pet supplies store in Station Road.

It's a real pleasure to be served by friendly and furry staff with an in-depth knowledge of the cornucopia of goods on display.

If I had one small remark to make on the service, it's that he swiftly ate the small dried sausage I had bought as a treat for my own old blind dog, the moment I put it on the counter, to pay for it; temptation obviously proving too much for him.

Tonight, it's the Council's planning committee and the application for a micro-pub on the Lymington Road is on the agenda. I will let readers know the result, when it's finished, later this evening. (result.. back to planning officers for conditions and then back again for further approval. So a score draw this evening! James Maskell's report is here.

As requested, I've 'called'-in the application for a Tesco Metro store in Station Road and I'm told this is likely now to come before the planning committee in December for decision. In the interim, as you will see from the poster below, Halloween is coming!


Anonymous said...

You should be careful who you give your small dried sausage too!

Michael Child said...

Simon in the circumstances I would keep your old blind dog away from your samurai sword.