Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blown Away

It's a pretty awful morning outside and along the seafront, difficult to remain upright in the howling north-easterly wind, which is busy blowing the wheelie-bins around my back yard.

I've had to move my aircraft to Manston this week because of the bad weather but it's presently tied-down with concrete blocks to prevent it flying away on its own and in this wind, it would.

The last few days have proved a bit of a trial. We managed to get a banner flying to celebrate the Royal British Legion poppy appeal over Shoreham airport on Thursday, in very marginal weather and I'm trying very hard to get a marriage proposal flight done for one client, who returns to Afghanistan on Friday. The weather has already put an end to two attempts; one of these this morning, so third-time lucky I hope. I would hate for him to have to return to duty without having been able to 'pop-the-question' to his partner as he's been planning for several months now, emailing me from Camp Bastion.

I'm not going to be around to 'Blog' next week and so I'm declaring a short intermission.  In the meantime, the No10 petition over the future of Manston airport closes in just under two weeks and if you wish to add your own name to it, please follow the link here.

If you happen to live in Westgate, then Molly's Bar has its re-launch this evening at 7pm and I hope to be able to pop-in to support it.

Michael Child has beaten me this year, to putting-up the local schools A Level results and they make interesting if not sobering reading. With a personal interest in local education, what immediately springs to my attention are those of the Ursuline College in Westgate in contrast with previous years and particularly with the Charles Dickens School in Broadstairs.

That's all for now, if I can think of anything else, beyond Tony Flaig's surprise announcement that he's given-up on BigNews Margate and the more obvious dangers of leaving the loose Labour and TIG coalition in charge of our local finances and with this the collective misery of an anticipated Council tax increase next year, I will add more later.


Michael Child said...

Simon as you probably noticed the school figures I put up were extracted from a number of places some where there were errors, I would appreciate it if you could cast your eye over what I have done and let me know if you think I have messed up anywhere.

Simon Moores said...

I would but I'm a bit pushed at the moment and have every confidence in your accuracy Michael!