Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Remains of the Day

Last night, Friday evening, a group of what has been described as 'Young Men,' went on the rampage in Westgate Station Rd and it appears, extended to the Westgate cricket club, which was burned down.

I really am too angry to pass sensible comment here tonight and over the last few days, have been away, flying pretty solidly and I'm out again tomorrow.

I have spoken with Cllr King and also emailed our local police Inspector Impey, requesting an' urgent review' of policing in Westgate.

I would ask though, that we resist pointing the finger at the 'usual suspects' , however tempting, until we have some hard evidence to support the speculation I am seeing.

For now, I have multiple flight plans to arrange before I crawl into bed for an early night and will add more when I can!

Remains of Westgate Cricket Club


simon moores said...

I had the following email from a local resident today - name withheld -

I tend to walk quite often late at night. It is cool and quiet. I cannot be precise about the time, but after midnight by some way. Approaching the end of Elm Grove from the Canterbury Road side, three men appeared from Westbury Road, playing with three traffic cones - I assume stolen from down that road. The usual shouting, wearing them as hats, and using them as megaphones. Foul language etc. As I got to the corner of Elm Grove, the first two of them went up to the door of the children's home their and hammered very loudly using their knocker and ran off, taking the cones with them. The third of them set up shop inside the driveway using the cone as a megaphone, and the usual taunting etc as i walked past. I did not react or stop. I saw a quite large bunch of other people on the Margate bound platform of the station, all very rowdy and, like the first three, appeared to be very drunk. They straggled their very noisy way across the bridge. I phoned the Police on the non emergency number. I did not think it was an emergency. More a noisy and unwelcome disturbance. Nobody had threatened me, albeit I was not about to get involved. Several minutes later a single police car appeared from the Westgate Bay Avenue direction and turned into Station Road. It was a white Skoda Estate with the words "Dog Unit" on its rear side windows. As I walked along Station Road, it was stationary outside the kebab shop where it seemed to remain for about 5 minutes. I could still hear some shouting from the other side of the tracks. As far as I could tell, the entire group went down Elm Grove. I did not think too much more of it.

Walking back however, perhaps five minutes later, another police car turned in from the Canterbury Road and tore past with blues and twos going, which it cut as it went over the railway bridge. I do not know where it went, or if it was linked to the disturbance.

The group probably numbered about 20 in all. Certainly not less than 12 or so. Maybe 60% male, 40% female. They were not kids. At the very least, I would put them in their early 20s, possibly older. Dressed in causal clothing, but not the silly tracksuits that the kids seem to regard as compulsory these days.

After returning home, I was reading and became aware of a large diesel engine running at speed some way off, but stationary. I could also hear the distinctive sound of emergency services radio over an external speaker of some kind. I went out into my back garden, over which I can see up the road. I saw a fire engine and crew by the entrance to the cricket ground, with floodlights on and hoses on the road. They appeared to be lifting some kind of cover in the road - I presume a mains water access point. I did not make any link with the earlier incident, albeit the time separation must have been quite short - I would guess it might have been around 1:30 am by then.

I went to bed.

Anonymous said...

The police have been rendered useless by politicians of all colours. Politicians have also decided that children are little adults and are there to be appeased and not repremanded. Your ilk created the monster now deal with it!!!

simon moores said...

I beg to differ 5:30. my "ilk" of politician would do things rather differently but then the 'Guardianistas' of the left would be outraged and we would never be elected.

Westgate isn't Mogadishu or Detroit and yet this quiet seaside town has other people's problems inflicted upon it, like so many other parts of the South-east and without any public consultation whatsoever.

Where do communities draw the line when they can no longer rely on the police to support them? It's a question that so many people ask and yet nobody is prepared to face the answer!

Anonymous said...

Broadstairs Folk Week was similarly hijacked this year by gangs of feral youths and adults, not interested in folk music, but simply there to drink themselves stupid. Many incidents involving adults selling drink, cigarettes and possibly worse, were reported but it went on unabated. One chap was openly selling booze to underage kids from the boot of a car in Albion Street car park whilst another set up his pitch right smack in the middle of the well lit sea front.

How could this happen one might ask and it is down entirely to a lack of visible policing. Yes, the police responded ultimately to fights, but it is all reactive. Prevention of crime seems to be something of the past.

Labour, of course, will blame it on cuts, ignoring the fact that effective policing has been in decline for years, regardless of governments in office.

In fact, however, the situation stems from a combination of factors including the displacement of problem people, the modern booze culture, failed upbringing both by parents and schools and a society all to quick to attack its police when they do act positively.

It has been said before but is worthy of repetition, a society gets the policing it deserves.

simon moores said...

I don't believe I identified any particular individual or group on this occasion but that said, I would stand by my remark that seaside towns have other people's problems inflicted upon them with monotonous regularity and Westgate is sadly no different as the police will tell you!