Sunday, September 16, 2012

Silence of the Lambs

Reculver Towers
A little early Sunday morning blogging this morning, to catch-up with what I haven't been writing of late.

Perhaps there is such a thing as 'Bloggers Block', a virtual form of what happens to real 'writers' who hammer away at typewriters. I have found it quite hard to find the enthusiasm in recent weeks and this, combined with an unusually active work schedule and a gnawing sense of existential depression, La Nausée, over surrounding social challenges and Thanet's spiralling political insanity, has kept me away from the keyboard for a while.

This last week, we had the ghastly spectacle of forty suffering lambs being destroyed at the port of Ramsgate and the revelation from the BBC, that none of the many vulnerable children within the islands care home 'industry' actually come from Thanet.

For the moment, at least, the vile animal export trade has been suspended by the council, as we wait and see whether the operator attempts to mount a legal challenge, as he has successfully done before elsewhere. I very much hope he won't but in the past, other councils have discovered that the cost of defending animals from what many see as an immoral farming policy, backed by the EU, can be futile very expensive indeed. However, I fully support last week's decision to close the port to further animal traffic and line-up the lawyers in one more attempt to put a stop to it.
Cllr Tom King

I missed the BBC Southeast Today report on Thanet's children's homes but I'm not surprised by what it revealed. London's councils blatantly disregard the rules on finding accommodation for vulnerable children and once you factor-in Thanet's large fostering industry, the figures are far higher than people might think, with a consequental knock-on effect on schooling, policing and social services.  Will anything be done about this? I suspect that without legislation, seaside communities like our own will continue to figure as the last port of call for the vulnerable of all kinds that London authorities can no longer afford to keep.

Finally, some good news for local residents. It's Westgate's community fun day today, so pop-along, like me, to Minster road and see what's happening for a family day out. Attached are a few iPhone snaps of my own.

Mayor & Mayoress of Margate

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