Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catch 22 in Thanet Council's Wonderland

Sadly, there were no press present to report on tonight's Council meeting, which soon turned into a ding-dong affair over guess what? The 'Diversity Champion' of course.

I try very hard to keep my sense of humour in these meetings and in particular when we have such heart-warming, if not tear-jerking performances from Cllrs Worrow, Driver and Cohen. And let's not forget Cllr Iris Johnston as the heavy artillery lending fire support from the front row. After all, who wants to have the awkward truth get in the way of a good sob story?

So once again, we hear that Cllr Worrow is the subject of homophobic persecution as we were reminded by all three TIGs and Cllr  Clive Hart; quite forcibly in fact by Cllr Ian Driver, who once again labelled all  the Conservatives opposite as homophobes; a criminal offence.

Cllr Worrow read out a long speech praising Cllr Hart and the Labour Group, pointing expansively across the Council chamber with rhetorical gestures and a trembling lip; looking for support from the public gallery. He claimed all the allegations made against him were unproven, vindictive and slanderous. I stood-up and as a point of information, reminded everyone present that while Cllr Worrow was trying very hard to rewrite history, all or most of what he has attempted to conceal about the Thanet Independent Group and its policies, have been conveniently saved from deletion and can be found in the TIG archive.

OK, it's apparently all lies and nobody can prove it, so I opened up my iPad, to show members and the Chair that the website I refer to actually does exist and it clearly states Cllr Worrow's intentions and policies as Diversity Champion.

"Sit down" said the Chair. "Cllr Moores I'm surprised at you," he added.

At which point, Cllr Iris Johnston popped-up with one of her rambling wounded-saint style speeches and told the Council that she couldn't think of a finer person for the role of Council Diversity Champion. "Put that away, I don't want to see it", she said, referring to my showing her a web-page from the apparently mythical  TIG site from the benches opposite as evidence that she was telling politically-expedient 'porkies.'  Cabinet Member Michelle Fenner, enthusiastically echoed the support for John Worrow, telling us all what we suspected, that he's a fine chap an ideal champion and that he's been very busy strategising and speaking with faith groups. Who and which ones, I would dearly love to know.

Anyway, it should all be up on the Web in a week for any readers, looking for light-entertainment or experiencing a sleepless night.

So to add to my remark about 'Alice in Wonderland' earlier today, we can add Joseph Heller's movie 'Catch-22'. Clive Hart's administration being much like a 'Banana Republic' was once again mentioned by Cllr Tom King but I've used that joke already.

I suspect that not long before the next set of local elections, Cllr Worrow will once again continue his political migration and join the Labour Group, he so much admires, in order to try and save his seat in Birchington and his allowances. Does anyone think I'm wrong? As for his colleague, Cllr Dr Jack Cohen, on his present record of achievement, I doubt he will even merit a modest brass plaque on a memorial bench in Birchington.

Finally, while I'm pleased that Labour members had finally changed out of their beachwear to attend this first autumn meeting, what any Councillor has to do to bring the Council into disrepute or get sacked, I really don't know!

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Anonymous said...

I fear that good councillors will give up as a result of these goings on which will just leave the door open for more idiots like these three. Can Thanet last until the next elections with no real leadership and little chance of improvement? Surely Labour members find this hard to digest - time to cast these three to the abyss even if it means giving up control just so some order can be brought back and councillors can get back to what they were elected to do.

Disgusted from Birchington said...

Worrow is finished in Birchington, he knows it Cohen knows it, he will be a one term Cllr, thankfully

Wanda Rogers said...

Oh welcome back Mr Moores and on fine form too. You have been missed!

John Kirby said...

From John Kirby-your first comment is quite appropriate -this Current Council term is the most depressing I an recall since being elected in 1991 I do know that many Councillors (of both persuasions - politically) are totally fed up with the sactimonious clap trap from Worrow and Associates regarding the Gay Marriage issues which seem to have overtaken normal Council Business in getting Thanet back to work and prosperity.Having served in the Royal Navy for 9 years I did learn one lesson in life and that is a tolerant attitude to other life styles - but to have the Gay and LGBT issues raised at every Council meeting to the exclusion of everything else seems very presumptious on behalf of mr Worrow's group. last nights meeting was a total travesty to Local Democracy and it is ca pity the press wsere not there to record the pantomine.

Anonymous said...

Is Cllr Driver for real ? he admits to using drugs and wants to (ab)use the position of Kent Police Commissioner (if he is elected) to bring about changes of law to legalize drugs ?

he admits that a friend of his is serving time for internet grooming but says he remains friends with the man ?

Presumably his friend will one day be released but remain on the sex offender's register ? Police will monitor him. His victims (and potential victims whose existence is implicit in his name being on the sex offenders list) are entitled to the protection of the police and the peace of mind only consistent with the certainty of proper administration of the offenders list.

So it seems to me that this Cllr is quite happy to inform victims via the internet that the paedophile has friends aspiring to high police places ?

So much for rights to Common Law peace of mind of the collateral damage victims of the attention seeking behaviour of this immature man.

Richard Card

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I noticed that in a very small section in today's Gazette that the would be police commissioner has not been able to fund his attempt. I'm sure we will all be very disappointed in that result? No? I thought not! Perhaps if the role of diversity champion ceased to be, the council could return to discuss the matters that actually concern their constituents. on earth do you and the depressingly few other councillors who are worthy of the title manage to keep your cool?

Simon Moores said...

I thought of turning to drink but that's the conventional route for politicians and I think of myself as being slightly unconventional

Anonymous said...

Heard a little whisper that "The Worrow" had approached Hart to stand in Cliftonville for Labour next elections - Hart said No. Pity he couldn't stand up and me a real Leader and say that now!

Anonymous said...

And to think that Driver is now in charge of Age Concern! I would be very concerned if he was looking after my mother of father!

Chris Wells said...

One thing is sure, Clive Hart and co will put up with almost anything to stay in power, almost understandable after such a long period in opposition. However, what is missing here is moving the island forward in terms of its economy and difficulties. The politics is all that seems to matter at the moment, not the reality of ongoing damage to Thanet through the impression
given of a loony left alliance in charge given by the press coverage and antics of some councillors.

Jon said...

I was born in Margate. Yesterday I walked through the centre of the town and around the back streets. The state of the place makes you want to weep. But what is really depressing are the antics of the local council. Nobody with any competence to help will want to be associated with this Alice in Wonderland.
Democracy does not work. I knew that this was the case in the Far East and Africa but it has now dawned on me that the same is true here in Planet Thanet. How do we change things?

disgusted said...

6:42 Get rid of Worrow for a start , but realistically Hart must now have the courage to say enough is enough, Worrow may think he is the king maker in fact he is the court jester.Worrow your fired would be a good start for Hart he would certainly earn the respect that he currently is in danger of losing. Come on Clive lets see some bottle

Anonymous said...

Jon, well said for Thanet is now showing Zim tendencies, once in power cling on regardless of cost, but to hell with running the place decently.

I suppose the only difference is that ZANU/PF would not tolerate Worrow or Driver.

Anonymous said...

At last I have found someone who speaks common sense. More power to your elbow. The sooner councillors gets on with sorting out the local economy the better. Same sex marriages should be the last thing on the council's mind.