Friday, August 10, 2012

Scorchio in Thanet

Heart FM Presenter Julian Jones
A little on the warm side here in Thanet, although the sea breeze should cool the atmosphere down a little less than it was in Birmingham, where I was earlier.

Arriving at the airfield at 6:30am for the radio programme, with Julian Jones, visibility could be measured in yards, with dense patches of fog.That soon lifted and we had the best two hour flight along the south-west side of Birmingham to date.

I'm now looking at the flowered field, that hides my garden, with some trepidation, as some rather determined lawn mowing or a small flock of sheep is required.

I'm told that the beach closure on Wednesday afternoon was a false alarm and there had been no sewage spill. However, there is a jellyfish warning, as the sea continues to warm-up, so keep your eyes peeled for the larger, purple type in shallow waters, just in case!

Halfpenny Green Airfield

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