Monday, August 13, 2012

Local Matters

Some light housekeeping notes for people in Westgate this morning, so not much of a 'blog' today I'm afraid.

The first thing is that Canterbury Road, Sainsbury's development application comes before the Council's planning committee on Wednesday evening at 7pm. I'm down to speak, as are several others who wish to have their voices heard on this controversial application. Should you have anything extra to add, that I don't already know about, please send me an email .

It's not past 09:30 on a Monday morning and already, 'The Knott.' formerly known as 'The Nott' or The Nottingham Castle pub has been bought to my attention, although I was already aware of the 'nuisance' noise over this last weekend.

Apparently, licensing officers witnessed the noise on Friday evening and I witnessed the same on Saturday and so I have made a vigorous representation to the Council's head of licensing, on behalf of residents nearby and made it quite clear, that a return to the bad old days of constant complaints about the pub and noise are unacceptable under its new ownership. I did pop-in a couple of weeks ago to introduce myself and for a polite chat on the very same subject but this may not have been effective and I may not have been taken seriously. So if necessary, I will work with local people to raise a petition but hope that the management will instead work to address the immediate concerns of the surrounding community.

St Mildred's Bay - Westgate on Sea
This evening, it's the monthly WWRA Residents' Association meeting, which will take place at the Westbrook Bowls Club at 7pm. I think the micro-pub application for Lymington road is one of the items for discussion on the agenda.

Postscript... I've had a meeting with the landlord of 'The Nott' this afternoon, prompted by this weblog and we have agreed a number of immediate environmental remedies to reduce any noise nuisance to local residents. Among these is the planting of Lelyandii around the perimeter of the pub's garden. These will take a couple of seasons to mature but will prove an effective noise muffler in the year's to come. I'm delighted that we had an opportunity to work through some of the issues and was offered an immediate series of goodwill remedies.


Anonymous said...

Who's the weirdy beardy bloke?

Anonymous said...

The Nottingham Castle always used to be reffered to as "The Nott", and it was sad to see it closed last winter.

I think you will find that it is now called "the Knot" - a case of a name changing whilst phonetically staying the same!

Anonymous said...

Virtual riot outside The Nott last weekend.

Cars damaged, smashed glass in the road. Landlord claimed they were people who hadn't been in the the pub - but the glass in the road clearly was from people who'd been inside (beer logo's on the shards).

Brought to the attention of the landlord - would have hoped/expected for a little bit of recompense toward having dents knocked out of the car but of course nothing like that was forthcoming.

Facelift doesn't seem to have changed anything - new landlord if you're reading this don't you think you have some responsibility toward your neighbours?

Anonymous said...

2 years on and nothing has changed. Place is still full of aggressive drunks making noise all night long.