Monday, August 06, 2012

Indescret or Indiscrete?

Descret Services
In Westgate this morning the gossip now surrounds the whereabouts of a secret 'dungeon', offering the general public a range of  'Off the rack' personal services to anyone who might know where to find it. I'm quite mystified but pleased to hear that in the midst of recession, once again, our local entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking but not sure where this stands in regard to the Council's carefully-drafted business, health and safety regulations.

This does of course add to the enthusiasm 'Whipped-up' by another web-enabled adult-entertainment business in the town and some alleged 'naughty' housewife webcam notoriety in Westgate Bay Avenue, which is, I'm told, highly lucrative at premium rate phone call charges.

Today, my attention was drawn to an enigmatic 'Descret' massage service, advertised by the lovely but anonymous Kirstie, (pictured) in a news agent's window, I have edited out the complete number for fear she might be overwhelmed by the interest stimulated by such sudden and unprompted advertising.

As hard times continue, I wonder how many more may to follow Blackadder's example in exploring unorthodox new cash-generating opportunities at the seaside?

Adding to the news, I hear that Cllr John Worrow, Leader of the TIG party, has issued a council standards complaint against Westgate's Cllr Tom King, for the shocking political crimes of homophobia and bullying. This harks back to the Council meeting, last month, where Cllr King, called for a motion of 'No Confidence' in Cllr Worrow as Thanet Council's 'Diversity Champion.' You may have heard that Clive Hart's controlling Labour Group, threw this out but not before Cllr Worrow had labelled all the Conservative members at TDC as 'Homophobes', prompting yet another flurry of standards complaints against him, where I think he now holds the local record.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed there hasn't been a whisper in the press about Thanet's biggest political 'indiscretion' of all last month, where an unnamed councillor was allegedly thrown out of a well-known Margate seafront bar for inappropriate sexual behaviour. It does rather beg the question of why some determined bloodhound from the local paper hasn't asked any questions?

I'm prepared to bet that if it had been anyone else involved in something so overtly salacious, this would have been swiftly front page news in the Thanet Gazette and the presenters on BBC Newsroom South-east, would have been wearing their 'shocked' faces while reporting it.


James Maskell said...

The 'No Confidence' motion had no chance anyway so making a complaint against King is pointless. OK, draws attention to TIG but to what purpose? Im yet to find a convincing reason for this. No aim to it, no direction in mind.

As for Cllr X, there's no good to be achieved by pursuing it. I don't know who it is and I can live with not knowing. We all make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

James, I totally disagree there is every point in pursuing it, you may not be interested but the allegation is a very serious one, both for the individual and also the Council. If the allegation is correct, it was not a mistake, it was a "lewd act in a public place" dress that up however you like James, it is unacceptable and as Cllr Moores said it is time that the Press investigate. In the meantime the name of the individual and the location of the Bar seem to be common knowledge, and until this allegation is confirmed or dismissed the gossip will continue.

Anonymous said...

If it's really that serious then it's a matter for the police, surely? Has it been reported to them?

Anonymous said...

I would describe myself as one interested in local life, slightly involved in public matters, well read, avid follower of blogs, ear to the ground type and generally up to speed with what is happening about me. Despite that, I haven't got a clue which councillor is alleged to have committed a lewd act in a local bar which 11:33 says is common knowledge. Presumably I am not common enough to know.

simon moores said...

The list of 'suspects' might be so short as to be in single figures and the clues offered here don't require the services of Agatha Christie either.

Tim Clark said...

James. Sorry, I'm usually 100% with you but here you are wrong. From what has been described I would say that a crime has been committed. Now we all tut tut at the hate crime phone call and make all the right noises when it turns out to be Cllr Gregory - you included. We do the same when it is Cllr Harrison. So why are their errors serious enough to be dragged out into the open but Cllr X is granted a pardon.
Sticks and stones etc. It has been commented elsewhere that the most grown up thing to do with the AIDS message would have been to ignore it. Words can never hurt me: I'm not so sure about a lewd act in a public place.

Anonymous said...

I repeat, are the police investigating this? If you know who it is Simon then are you assisting them?

simon moores said...

I'm not aware of any complaint being made to the police. The immediate concern surrounds 'standards in public life.'

Anonymous said...

If one has information that will ulitmatly clean up our councillers and council and more importantly the system which we are all supposed to play by the rules with I think it should be heard! Speak his name or are you afraid? We need to stop this hand out britain of 280 billion ayear to dss chavs and start putting the money to good use like eduaction or even swimming pools and recreation as for the 155 billion we make in income taxes is a drop in ocean and not enough still to cover these low lifes. This is what's important but councillers you act like small children and we of that laugh at you not with you. Change is coming and those in it for themseves will soon be gone with the jimmy goodens of this world. Thanet change 2013. Who's in?