Sunday, August 05, 2012

Game On

As we bask in the reflected glory of the largest Olympic gold medal hoard in 100 years, spare a thought for all those the small businesses that have been damaged, some beyond recovery, by the Games at absolutely the wrong time in our economic history.

I'm in London this week at Portland Place and I'm told that Oxford Street and Carnaby Street are as quiet as a grave as the tourists miss out the regular attractions and flock to the Games venues.

None-the-less, like everyone else, I'm looking forward to watching athletics and in particular, the men's 100 metres this evening. I'm hoping that the London Games will inspire a whole new generation of young athletes in the same way that the 1972 Olympic Games changed my own life for the better and broadened this parochial Thanet boy's horizons, by earning me a place at an American university and the career opportunities that followed it. The photo is me and my father a very long time ago, before what may have been the first Thanet half marathon, where I turned in a surprise 1:17:36 I think, behind the leader, Mike Gratton the winner of the London Marathon. Apple Computer has come on a bit since giving me a little sponsorship then

For those readers keeping an eye on the Sainsbury's application, it now comes before the Council's planning committee on the evening of 15th August and I have put my name down to speak. Any other representations, please direct to the Council's Democratic Services department.

There's also a hearing on the 14th August for an application for a premises license at 49 Station Road in Westgate, next-door to the Piggy Bank Nursery.

You may recall the anti-social behaviour that surrounded the premises in the past and the complaints of selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors that finally led to its license being withdrawn after lengthy efforts to prove the allegations. I have lodged an objection, on the grounds that Westgate is now, in my opinion, oversubscribed in licensed premises in a very small area indeed and I have no great confidence that the granting of a license will not lead to a repeat of the anti-social behaviour we saw in the past, that led to the rather controversial removal of a public bench from outside the nursery.

Finally, and before I grab my camera for the Margate carnival procession this afternoon, I've noticed that there has been some weed-spraying in the town from the dense growth of dead  growth along some of our pavements. It's a start!

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