Monday, August 20, 2012

Brief Intermission

I'm a little reluctant to 'Blog' simply for the sake of it, particularly when there's little to report that readers aren't aware of already.

This last weekend's heatwave was quite remarkable and it coincided with the busiest period of my own flying season and so, rather than being able to enjoy the sunshine and a possible swim in the sea, I was dashing around the south of Britain on various jobs, finding some relief from the heat up at 5,000 feet in between Exeter and Essex.

For any readers that may wish to pay their respects, it's the funeral of Westgate resident, Mr David Chamberlain, on Wednesday, at St Peters Church, Broadstairs at noon. You may recall hearing of his tragic death in Afghanistan, when he was killed by a rogue Afghan soldier in the western city of Herat, alongside two US colleagues when the soldier opened fire.

That said, anything else I might possibly write, pales into insignificance, so I will stop here.

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