Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Great Loss

Other than CBS News, there's a whole generation of young people who won't instantly recognise the name of Neil Armstrong. At best, many might think he was a singer or a famous cyclist who won the Tour de France. At worst, they won't care.

Perhaps that's a deeply cynical view to adopt but yesterday, the world lost one of its true heroes and reminded us that life, however remarkable and momentous it might be for a few, is fleeting and far too short in the true Shakespearian sense.

One day, maybe even within my own lifetime, a man, maybe not yet born, may step upon the surface of Mars and mankind will have another name to add to a roll that includes, Columbus and Magellan and Hilary and more who defined the apex of human exploration and achievement but until that day comes we are collectively poorer for the loss of a modest hero who took that first step towards a galaxy of a billion stars beyond our own small backwater of the universe.

Here on earth, in our little corner of the South-east, you might be forgiven for not remembering it's a Bank Holiday, with the wind sweeping the beaches and a string of large vessels moored offshore. All in start contrast to the southern European heatwave of last weekend, which may have been the summer in a single short weekend.

I've just been browsing through one of Michael Child's excellent reprints of "Westgate on Sea - A Descriptive Booklet & Official Guide" from 1923.

I've decided that when my turn finally comes to win the Euromillions lottery, that I will donate the funds are required to help turn Westgate, at least in part, back into the tree-lined, 'Pleasure garden' paradise it once was and made it such a remarkable and popular tourist attraction of its age.

I might have to wait a little while as the queue for winning lottery tickets seems to be rather long these days.


Michael Child said...

Simon my business plan has long been winning the lottery, although I guess the fruits of this would be to get more local publications into print.

The link takes you to some scans of sample pages from the 1923 Westgate Guide

Anonymous said...


Excuse my ignorance in this matter, is there a process in place where the population of the Thanet District can call for the resignation and forced re election of our councillors?

It appears that the current body of representitives are at best mis guided, oblivious to the needs of Thanet and blinded by childish sentiment backed party politics.
This is not what Thanet needs or deserves and surely the time has long past for real change to be enforced.

simon moores said...

Sorry.. been too busy to blog for a few days!

Short of criminal misconduct/conviction or missing more than 6 council meetings in a row, there's nothing one can do to my knowledge!

Anonymous said...

7:45, Thanet went to the polls a little over a year ago to elect its councillors, but the majority of the electorate simply did not bother. That despite the fact that in addition to the usual mix of parties, there were a fair number of independents to choose from around the wards.

If people cannot be bothered to vote, is it reasonable in the following year to that opportunity to call for change.

Not saying I disagree with you over some of our councillors, but the chance was there. The people of Thanet simply did not take it, so perhaps you would be better campaigning to get them out to vote next time.