Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Temporary Greek

I've reached the conclusion, that with the jet stream now so far south of where it should be, we will count ourselves lucky to have a few days of real summer before the autumn arrives.

In fact, it suits me this Sunday morning at least, as I have to go and do a little practice over the Dover beacon for my annual instrument rating test tomorrow,

The CAA examiner, who is also an airline pilot, must have a sense of humour, as he's sent me the plate from the Greek island of KOS and I've to run this approach over Dover, before breaking off to do a vectored ILS approach into Manston. As I won't be seeing anything outside the cockpit until the last couple of minutes, I suppose it makes no difference at all, although a short visit to a Greek island would have been nice!

News on the Westgate Sainsbury's application, is that it will be put before the planning committee for a decision on 18th July and I have put my name down for public speaking that evening.

Also for local interest, Tesco, will be coming to the WWRA residents' meeting in Westgate tomorrow, Monday, to give a presentation on their plans for a store in Station road, opposite Beanos. This will be at the United Services Club at 7pm I'm told.

At this rate, I suppose, it's only a matter of time before ASDA make an appearance somewhere!

On a separate note of grand commercial enterprise, a sizeable cannabis factory was discovered at Ethelbert Terrace on Friday. Am I surprised? No. I'm guessing that there must be several more in the close vicinity but traders had reported the smell from this one wafting along the shops.

Finally, I see from my email that the Margate Football Club application for a hotel in Hartsdown park is back, seemingly with an attempt to revise or alter the conditions recommended by Cabinet. I'm not sure from the detail what this is but when I find out more, I will share it.


Lorraine H said...

As Vice-Chair of the WWRA I would like to point out to everyboby that the WWRA are Non-political and we will not allow our meetings to be turned into party political point scoring all are welcome But please don't try politiacl point scoring or you will be asked to leave. All welcome.

I'm not John Worrow said...

Do you think the voter's could have been effected by the fumes from the cannabis factory on Thursday.


simon moores said...

Theoretically only at the polling station in Westgate Bay Ave but then only if a big enough bonfire was raging with a southerly wind!

I'm not John Worrow said...

ref: Tesco's

If you were a criminally minded naughty boy/girl. Wouldn't it be very easy to climb over the railings of the footbridge, and break into the back of Tesco's and take all the cigaretes and alcohol on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning when their closed?

I dont think anyone would be able to see, if someone did want to break into tesco's at the back.

Don said...

Simon hope the Greek sun doesnt affect your calculations. Hope it all goes well as I am sure it will. I am sure we will see these smaller supermarket sites popping up everwhere as they fight for the domination of our Towns and Villages.
As for cannabis factory last year one of the houses directly behind us was raided by police and found to be a fullscale operation and I never knew anything about it.