Monday, July 30, 2012

Policing Matters

It was a little strange, being woken-up, just before two on Sunday morning, by a police operator, calling to apologise and inform me that nobody would be attending the call I made before midnight.

Without going into any great detail, a group of possibly South London youths, who had left the pub nearby, were rather noisily taking drugs in the side road leading to the beach, outside my house. I could hear the conversation very clearly from my bedroom window. They had seen a passing police car and retreated into the shadows and then one named 'Kiery' popped-an ampule of something unknown and promptly collapsed on the street. Then, for about ten minutes, the panicked conversation surrounded whether they should call an ambulance because they were worried more about the consequences of the police catching them than their friend expiring.

So I called the police, as a concerned local councillor and suggested they turn-around the car I had seen drive past on the main road, a few minutes earlier and and scrape Kiery off the pavement and about half an hour later, an ambulance turned-up and I heard the driver reporting on his radio, attending a group of 'IC3 males' and the unconscious lad was scooped-up and taken away.

I'm sharing this because once again, I called the police and once again, like so many incidents I have written about here in the past, they never arrived to help. Now I realise that our local police resources are strained and indeed, that many of our hard-working officers are on duty at the Olympics but I'm fast reaching the point, like so many other people I talk to,  that I simply won't bother anymore.

And that's what people here in Westgate tell me again and again, the police aren't visible or available and there's no sense of deterrence, particularly in the evening hours when most of the anti-social behaviour which blights people's lives occurs.

On a much lighter note I'm beginning to sound like the iconic Conservative TV politician, Alan B'stard, so here's his famous episode on policing to enjoy.

At 6.30pm on Thursday 9th August, there will be a community safety meeting with local police officers at St John's Church Hall, Cuthbert Rd, Westgate. If you have concerns of your own to add, please come along.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Simon, a society finishes up with the policing it deserves and years of complaints against police have led to the emasculation of the once proud British police. What we have left is a non confrontational organisation that is so PC orientated and H & S conscious that they almost subscribe to the view that you avoid scenes on the streets by keeping coppers in the stations.

Perhaps the coppers of the past could be a bit heavy handed at times and maybe some of them put different types of villains into prevalent racial groups, but at least they controlled the streets.
All too often now, the yobs rule.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Simon and Tom, judging by your comments it does come across that you have very little experience in dealing with incidents and calling the police etc.,
I find Kent Police very efficient when it comes to dealing with incidents and there is no pussy footing when an offender can be clearly identified as an offender and an offence has been committed. I cannot go into detail but in the last three latest serious cases my myself and my colleagues have had to deal with. The police have been very quick, efficient and arrests have been made and they cannot be faulted.

Tim Clark said...

Tony, I think you've summed it up there - if the offender can be identified. If he can't, tough.

Anonymous said...

Offenders and crimes OK, but what about law and order. Yobbish behaviour, fights outside pubs, drug peddling in residential suberbs and vandalism. Where are the police patrols routinely keeping order by their presence. That is what is lacking today.

Anonymous said...

Taking you back nigh 30 years. Tory Mayor of Ramsgate L Richard Taylor called for ideas to tackle early hours yobbery and vandalism. It seems Police had no ideas.

The Mayor met the head bouncer of Neros. He explained that Kent Police dissuaded calls for assidtance by threatening opposition at licence renewal sessions.

Hence if a club or pub refused admission to yobs if the club called police to move the yobs on then that would be recorded as a black mark on licensed premises logs. This over yobs that had never got into the licensed premises.

the Mayor was also told how police ran and hid from organised right wing coach trips and how Neros bouncers went on to the street to protect Libyans who were making their way home.

The result of the meeting was a report "Blackmarket of Violence" written by the bouncer. This recommended that Thanet licence its door stewards akin to cab drivers. And give the bouncers the power to report on poor licensing and public order policing annually to the licensing sessions.

The report was submitted by Jonathan Aitken MP to the Home Secretary. There it appears to have been plagiarised and what emerged was the pilot scheme, in another area of the country, for the licensing of door stewards.

When eventually Thanet got a licensing scheme "modelled on the Westminster model" a decade or so later, the licensing Inspector admitted that the Thanet police work avoidance trick of threatening licence opposition had finally to end.

I was the bouncer author of "Blackmarket of Violence".

In 1979 HM coroner Jack Rice sat in the tragedy of the suicide of the wife of a special constable. This was a case that HM Coroner Rebecca Cobb called on Police to re-open circa 1996. Police refused.

One small part of public interest being where did the special constable and his regular police colleagues spend night shifts ? It being suggested that it involved an accommodation building for female employees.

Thsnk goodness Thanet's bouncers were protecting the public of a night time then eh ?

In what context were police asked BY HM CORONER to re-open the suicide case mentioned ? Ken Speakman murder case 1996. Recently the retired Det Ch Supt who led that murder inquiry, phoned me. He was unaware that a DI on his team had received and refused a request from HM coroner. He was unaware that the same DI had received a confession to the 1996 paramilitary style assault on Cllr Mortlock. he was unaware that the description of the assailant exactly matched the appearance of a man called TOMBS. And on this basis Kent police had told the murder trial they had no reason to believe a man known as TOMBS had anything to do with the Ken SPEAKMAN murder.

The retired Det Ch Supt did write to Force Professional Standards but don't hold your breath waiting for anyone at HQ to start the domino effect on exposing decades of corrupt and or useless Thanet policing. Richard Card

Lorraine H said...

Hi Simon
I have just been reading the minute of the last NEM on page 3 it states CRIME HAS REDUCED IN WESTGATE OVER THE LAST YEAR! WITH LESS THAN 8!!!!!!!! WESTGATE HAD THE MOST 101 CALLS 405 mainly relating to antisocial behavior. how do they come to these numbers? Because i know of at least that amount of crime around my area of Westgate alone.
But on another note someone around my area has been shooting the Seagull I have found 4 shot over the last 6 weeks the last being dumped in my recyle bin which the bin men refused to clear on phoning the council we have a phone call from the police last over 20 minutes then 15 minutes later two police officers arrived at my door! It's was a bit like busses you can't get one then two arrive.

Anonymous said...

I can't work this out ! A group of boys taking drugs, one collapsed, and no police response !?!? This is completely contrary to the 'overkill' of an incident I reported 2 weeks ago.
A water filled condom was tossed through my bedroom window at 08.20 by some kids. The previous week a window box was pulled off the wall in the front of the house. Concerned that either we were becoming a target of louts, or more realistically, kids were bored and playing pranks, I phoned '101' to let the local police know that we have many elderly in my area, Quex/Beaumont/Victoria Ave, who might feel intimidated by this sort of things. The idea was that they could keep an eye on things if they develop as these things often do.
That evening someone from CSI, dressed all in black, knocked on the door and asked for the condom! We retrieved it from the bin and the officer went away gleefully exclaiming he "might get DNA off it !". The next day, at 9pm, we were called on again by a well known local policeman who then took a statement ! I made it clear that I was not bothered about the condom incident and it was obviously high jinks, but he took it all very seriously. This, in comparison to your experience, leaves me very confused ! Maybe the police are beyond caring if kids are shooting up or killing themselves, I know I am.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have abused these idiots on Twitter - the police would have been round in a flash !!

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RossM said...

I had reason to call the police last night - 3 men came out of a pub opposite my house absolutely steaming drunk, started fighting amongst themselves and in the process demolished my front garden wall then hurled a load of abuse at me when I went outside before driving off - absolutely blind drunk bear in mind.

The police put in an appearance 2 1/2 hours later...

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