Thursday, July 19, 2012

National Treasure

Olympic Torch day today and I have the information that the relay is scheduled to arrive in Margate at 12:22 and Westgate at 13:02, arriving at Birchington from a brief welcome stop at the Ursuline College at 13:36.

The route then goes off to Canterbury on the A28 so beware rolling road closures out of Birchington while it takes place and best not travel unless you really have to!

I wrote earlier that I have a flight plan filed out of here to Birmingham at 14:30, so it could prove interesting trying to reach the aircraft in the traffic.

Yesterday, I had a call from an old friend, one of the very last highly decorated and surviving RAF heroes of World War II. Apparently he had been taken into hospital with a virus and while he was there, he slipped and broke his hip. That meant another month in hospital until they discharged him home - his wife  died last year - and twenty-four later, he had a stroke and lost the use of his right arm. So back into hospital again for emergency treatment, where he promptly caught CDIF and he ended-up in an isolation ward for several weeks.

He's from a generation that's a tough as nails and his principal concern is that he won't be able to finish his  book and his email doesn't work, which is why he called me for some advice, as he's stranded without it.

This story illustrates some of the deeper problems we now face as an ageing society. Someone like Steve, is a national treasure and won't be with us much longer. He deserves far more from a seemingly ungrateful country in his final years. While we build memorials to celebrate the courage and example of the brave men and women who have died in the service of our nation, there are a remaining few who are still with us and they need remembering too!

And finally, in Westgate, on Sunday the 22nd of July, The Hambidge family will be unveiling a memorial cabinet containing the minute books of the first 50 Years of the United Service Club  and Royal British Legion history. This will be in memory of their Father Dick and Grandfather Bill Hambidge and the family along with the United Service Club will be joined by the Royal British Legion.

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