Saturday, July 14, 2012

Micro Management Challenges

A quick run-around this morning on some local ward issues, principally the concerns from Lymington Road residents over the application for a micro-pub to replace the hairdressers.

I've already had several emails on the subject and have been over there for a chat with people. A petition is being gathered and is available in both general stores. In a nutshell, residents feel that any pub of any size or type, is quite inappropriate in the vicinity and they are worried by the potential for anti-social behaviour, in an area which has suffered from it in the past.

I will put in a objection to licensing at Thanet District Council and I will ask if Cllr Tom King will do the same. I'll be back next Saturday to collect the petitions.

In our own small seaside corner of 'Little Britain'everything happens. Last week it was a cannabis factory in Ethelbert terrace and yesterday, I returned from Birmingham to discover that we enjoy an interesting and quite funny position in the adult entertainment industry. What, I can't say here and dare not link to the website but I'm sure any of the traders along Station Road will volunteer the details.

As I write this, one of my aircraft is supposed to be targetting Ed Miliband up in Durham, with a personal message (pictured) from RMT Trade Union leader, Bob Crow. I hope someone has a camera to hand!

Tomorrow, it's also the annual Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset and I've two aircraft ready to go and follow the march with Trades Union messages. Given the rainfall predictions, I've my fingers crossed. Yesterday's first attempt to do the first of four weeks of a Heart FM radio show at Birmingham was a complete washout. At 06:30 at the airfield, the clouds were down to 300 feet and the rain was so bad that it actually started to leak through my aircraft window seals into the cockpit. "Can't we fly in this?" asked the Heart producer. "See that hill over there," I replied. "No," he said. "Exactly," I retorted.

Ironically, I'm now booked, with a giant banner, to support Medway Council's torch celebration next week as the flame arrives at Rochester. If anyone asks, this same opportunity, was offered to TDC at cost but I guess that politically, this would have presented a problem for the present administration although I would have enjoyed being over the Turner Contemporary for the start.

The Olympic flight restrictions are now a complete pain to me and passing Faversham towards Whitstable yesterday afternoon, it occurred to me that to do the same today without an authorised flight plan, would risk having me shot down. The restrictions say rather more about preventing "ambush marketing" that might upset the Olympic (monopoly) sponsors like McDonalds, now demanding that only their french fries can be sold around any of the Olympic venues and less about practical aviation security and deterrence around London.

I see that the BBC have now concluded from a survey that 61% of the population are not really interested in the Olympics at all, many see it as a cynical and greedy exploitation of sport and every business I have spoken with to date, with no exceptions, wishes that it was somewhere else other than London, because of the disruption involved. In any event, we have it, so let's make the most of it, cheer-on our athletes and torch-bearers and hope that the weather doesn't ruin it for everyone involved!

Finally, why the photo of the dog? I promised the owner in Norman Road, I would put her picture online, because she's a beautifully behaved Labrador!


Anonymous said...

Does this "adult entertainment industry" have anything to do with the naked in thanet guy? I saw him parading a couple of his "models" naked on westgate seafront on thursday, but when I reported this to the police they weren't interested. Maybe you can do something?

simon moores said...

No in a word.. makes him look almost tame in comparison!

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that Tracey Emin is representing our town by carrying the Olympic Torch. Having viewed. her "art" at the Turner I am more convinced than ever that she is a fake. Wonderful self publicist yes, but artist, definitely not.

Anonymous said...

Tracey Emin doesn't even come frm Margate, she's a London girl. She could do with a good bath though. As far as art is concerned, I wouldn't make the effort to view it. Rubbish.

Anonymous said...

The mind boggles....have to get other half to ask some questions when he gets the paper in the morning. She is a lovely dog. A rose amongst the thorns as most of the pets in the road are cats.

Don said...

Simon I saw a bit on Newsnight about people not wanting the Olympics and was disgusted by the attitudes. I am proud of our Olympics and will be there watching the torch even if I have to go in my bed.
As for Tracy Emin I spent a pleasant hour in the Turner and had some great discussions about he work. Is it art "yes I cried" as several people questioned the display and the fact they are talking about it for me makes it worthwhile. Enough of this I am in bed typing this and it is difficult. Hope you can getn somme work done soon. Don

I'm not John Worrow said...

"adult entertainment industry"

My mind boggles of what this could be. First I thought maybe this has something to do with Ian Driver, but you said little Britain and Funny.

Peter Checksfield taking pictures of naked girls isnt new information.

I'm going to take a wild guess, and say yourself and Tom King have been volunteered by the WWRA to pose naked in a calendar which will be sold by all the traders for charity.


Anonymous said...

Not hard for the police to find cannabis growhouses around here, they just need to follow customers home who have been shopping at a local "horticultural" store, the one with blocked out windows near Goodwins tool shop in Canterbury Rd Westbrook opposite the Sea Bathing Hospital.

simon moores said...

Nothing to do with me or politics, just the good old British entrepreneurial sex industry at its best! It's almost a "Carry On" parody!

Anonymous said...

Just for your information, over 200 of the local residents have now signed the petition against the Micro Pub in Lymington Road! They really have touched a raw nerve with this application.

simon moores said...

Many thanks, I will drop in again on Saturday to collect these or leave them with you if you prefer to add more.