Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Metro Matters

Not much to report this week, beyond the weather, which remains pretty much unchanged and an Olympic torch route briefing at the Council chamber this evening.

For readers interested in the progress of Sainsbury's in Westgate, it has now been pulled from the planning committee on 18th July and as yet, I have no idea when it will re-appear on the agenda.

At the WWRA meeting in Westgate last night, there was a presentation on the plan to build a small Tesco 'Metro' opposite Molly's Bar in Station Road and this attracted a great deal of interest. Beyond the immediate plans, there's nothing tangible quite yet but while many residents would like to see competition to Somerfield, its choice and its prices, others were concerned that the provision would be quite inadequate and lead to even more congestion.

I asked the representative of Tesco about this and it was his view that most people would walk and not drive to do their shopping there, to which I replied, "This is Westgate and I think your'e quite wrong." Without a doubt, Kent Highways will have their view on this and so for now, we need to wait and see how the plan evolves in the next couple of months, towards a target development  of a new store by Christmas.

I may not be writing as much as usual over the next four weeks, 'Hooray' you say, as I've got a regular slot flying for Heart FM up in Birmingham for their breakfast show; subject to weather of course. That said, the Olympic airspace restrictions start on Saturday and much of England is pretty much unavailable to normal air traffic, forcing me up into the airways, like a much larger aircraft, if I'm to go north without having to detour around East Anglia to avoid the attentions of the RAF.

This week, I had an email from Transport for London, suggesting that I don't travel on the London Underground during the Olympic period as it will be very busy. "You don't say!"

My examiner for my annual instrument rating test yesterday, is an Airbus Captain for a large charter holiday company. He told me he's going part-time for the Olympics because he "Simply can't be asked" to deal with the security restrictions at the airport. I know a great many people who feel the same way and are equally low on enthusiasm about the Games disrupting their lives in one form or another.

Finally and if you had not noticed already, the Internet speed from the Westgate exchange has visibly doubled to 16 MBs since they made the scheduled changes, that's a result I'm quite pleased with!


Anonymous said...

Simon, what's all this "o% pay rise" about on Thanet Online?

simon moores said...

No idea.. at all what 0% pay rise anyone is on about unless you are referring to what happened a few years ago when the Chief Executive's pay was bought up to par/median level with other Kent authorities; something we didn't like but something we couldn't avoid.

Bernie said...

oooh if you have a briefing about Torch route, could you find out what TDC is splaying at re the local schools, please?

Schools were told they had to apply to TDC for a spot and would be told how many children they could take. So schools applied...and have heard NOTHING! My husband is a teacher and someone at his school spent a whole day trying to get answers about this from TDC and failed!

My daughter's primary school is now taking no children at all because it has turned into a H&S nightmare with schools trying to nab the best spot for their kids and decide for themselves where they will stand, and we end up with older 2ndary school kids on safe grassy areas and little primary school kids expected to stand on the edge of the Canterbury Road!

Plus KCC has issued no guidelines or given any leeway about attendance figures, so our school is marking any absent child as unauthorised, as the biggest worry for them with no info from KCC, no removing that day from the figures or giving a different code so parents could take their own children and it NOT be marked as an unauthorised absence, is that their year of attendance figures will be brought down massively if parents taken their own children!

It's an appalling state of affairs and not the kind of example we should be setting to our children! CAN YOU DO ANYTHING TO HELP?!!

If KCC would relax the attendance figure rules for the day, then parents could take their own child if they wished, with no penalty from their school, and school would't have to worry about their attendance figure for the year!

Then the ineptitude of TDC wouldn't matter as much, as, presumably, individuals wanting to see the torch with their child do not have to book a spot?!!!!! x

simon moores said...

Basically, it leaves Margate Station just after 1pm TBC and then goes to the Ursuline for an official torch celebration stopover. Sadly it doesn't go through the town of Westgate but runs down the Canterbury road to Birchington

Herb Roberto said...

Westgate and Thanet has some of the best coastline in the country yet the torch travels along a dual carriageway !! madness !

simon moores said...

Yes I am as unhappy about this as everyone else!