Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Early Riser

Out early to fly down towards Hastings for a regular maintenance check.

Driving down Beach Road in Westgate, I encountered the Seagull in the photo, outside the 'Nott', neatly wrapped in a plastic Tesco bag and incapable of flight.

It had been scavenging in the black bin bags left out by a house opposite and the mess was all over the pavement.

It took me some time to chase the bird down and corner it, with a healthy respect for his beak, before I freed it.

Once again this illustrates only too well why the Council asks people not to leave bin bags out between collection days.

Another reader has just sent in a comment that he's seen the corpses of six seagulls shot near where he lives in Westgate. Has anyone else seen anything similar?

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Lorraine H said...

I have seen 5 around topend of the Minster Road shot in the last few weeks plus 4 magpies.