Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Down the Line

While I have been struggling with the PO 175th anniversary extravaganza Grand Event at Southampton, I see Margate has been in the news, with the tabloids, The Sun included, not only trawling this weblog but asking if I could get up and take an aerial photograph of the street in Cliftonville, where allegedly, as many as fourteen registered paedophiles live, all in close proximity to a children's home and a bail hostel in the same road.

I'm not able to tell you which road this is because of the rules surrounding the 'safeguarding of children.' If that's not crazy then you tell me what is? The newspaper photographer on the same street yesterday, told me he watched two drugs deals and two prostitutes being picked-up by clients in the space of fifteen minutes and was appalled that vulnerable children were being placed in such an environment, without even knowing how many sexual predators were within a hundred yards.

Over at Southampton, the line of cruise ships, Oceana, Adonia, Azura, Oriana, Aurora, Arcadia and Ventura, was certainly impressive, that's if you could actually see them in pretty awful conditions. The Red Arrows cancelled their display but I managed a single pass down the line before running for cover at Lee on Solent airfield. I'm reminded of the quip by Mel Gibson in the film, Air America: "Here at Air America, what's considered psychotic behavior anywhere else is company policy."

The view down the line of great cruise ships was great but to be honest, you can see I was a little preoccupied with the bad weather that ambushed me when I got there.


Anonymous said...

You already have an aerial photo of the street where I saw a news cameraman yesterday setting his impressive camera up in the Lido car park opposite the end of Athelstan Rd Cliftonville.
Of course this was nothing to do with your article about sex offenders etc.

Anonymous said...

Its not just Athelstan though. Theres a safe house for them next to the school uniform place near the hospital. Youngsters around there are constantly bugged by one of the inmates pretending to have lost his keys. The police do send him back inside so fair play to them.

Anonymous said...

This is how the UK should do it -


Photos, details of severity of crimes to an extent,current address etc etc.

Its also printed in a flyer which is distributed to most households every year.

Keeps the predators pretty darn well behaved with their neighbor's kids I can tell you.

Tim Clark said...

Don't suppose that IoTG was one of the papers. No, thought not, can't expect them to report on anything like this right under their noses.