Friday, June 15, 2012

What the Dickens

Laura Sandys at the Opening of The Charles Dickens
It's the eve of  the Dickens Week Festival  in Broadstairs once again and this afternoon, I was over at the Old Charles and Copperfield restaurant for its grand-reopening and very nice it looks too!

Frank Thorley and Laura Sandys MP (pictured) each made a short speech and I had a good chat with author,  Jane Wenham Jones about the unhappy state of local politics.

I see from the pages of the Thanet Gazette today, that the Council's Standards Committee has at this stage, exonerated Cllr John Worrow from all responsibility in the now notorious, 'Minnis Bay of Pigs' blogging story on the basis, I assume, that it was all the fault of the mysterious and fabulous 'Mr Fox', the website's editor and TIG secret- agent who has disappeared without trace or any forwarding address or telephone number and was unable to be present to give evidence.

Also in the local paper, I read that  this 'High flying Councillor Moores'  was 'Ushered away by security at Google's HQ at Victoria', when I dropped my business card into reception on passing last week. Google are soon going to be photo-mapping London from the air and as I already do this kind of thing, I sensed an opportunity.

Apparently, this was 'Another blow' to my career, which comes as news to me but shown below, is what I actually 'Tweeted'. However, the Thanet Gazette, which is overly smug and  I suspect a little worried by the competition of rising number of readers visiting on local blog sites like this one for their information, turned it into something completely different and very personal. You judge who is making-up stories and I have expressed my disappointment at yet another example of shoddy and vindictive journalism to the editor, Rebecca Smith, at the Gazette:

"It appears that Google don't do casual visitors. Reception shielded by heavy security from the street. Don't call us we'll call you!"

If the little local news items are open to such cynical embellishment how can you trust that the really important issues are reported truthfully or not written without a personal or political agenda? 


1 o'clock Rob said...

Typical that the local paper gets it's story wrong yet again!

Hope the weather breaks for a few hours Sunday afternoon as I'm supposed to be up in TG's Stearman around 4'ish!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually still buy that rag ? You are quite right of course, if there is any news worth knowing about, I generally come on here or wait for the free ones to drop through the door. Come to think of it, I don't actually know anyone who buys the Gazette anymore !

Anonymous said...

What were you thinking Simon.........getting off your ass and looking for business opportunities.
You need a rich daddy and a job that allows you to vent your insecurities to the general public.
I know.....why not be the editor of a local paper. Simples!

yogi bear said...

Why hasn't Ken Gregory been booted out of the Tory party?
It's an embarrassment for Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Yogi Bear forgotten that Mike Harrison is still in the Labour Party or does he think that making abusive comments and then lying about doing it is acceptable behaviour?

Boo Boo said...

Probably for the same reason that Mike Harrison has not been booted out of the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

If you managed to read the local rag - you could see that Ken Gregory has been suspended for 6 months from the Tory party ublike Mike Harrison who has been for only one month - not very serious are you Clive!

Anonymous said...

Where is the Tiggy winkles blog,?Simon

simon moores said...

That's where the archive is

yogi bear said...

I am not biased....both Harrison and Gregory should be booted out of their respective parties.

The fact that they haven't been is further evidence, if any were needed that Thanet has yet to join the 21st century (or is it the 20th?)

It is cringe making that these two relics of 1950's morality should still be allowed to continue as local politicians.
Bayford was on BBC SE this evening bleating on about everyone being allowed a mistake.

Truly embarrassing.