Wednesday, June 20, 2012

True Love

Thanet Council Press Office
I've been enjoying 'True Love' on the BBC, which is  wonderful publicity for Margate as well as being a very watchable series of overlapping love stories.

Of course, it's hard not to be drawn-in to the programme because the scenery is so familiar and the filming draws-out the very best in our local scenery. There's also a sense of 'deja vu', as you can see from my photo, having seen some of the filming from behind the camera.

I had a word with director, Dominic Savage's brother, Jason and told him that the series had 'Missed a trick' because they could have easily had me towing a romantic aircraft banner along Margate seafront for free. It's ironic that I do most of these at Brighton! He said it's a pity they hadn't thought of it as it would have offered a lovely shot. You can find my other posts on the making of the series here.

Thanet Council Foyer
I've got to run off towards Hastings to a maintenance facility to check some electronics on one of my aircraft now but will probably write a little more as the day passes.

On a completely different subject, I wanted to add the news that next Tuesday, Chris Grayling MP, Minister for Employment, will be speaking at Thanet’s first MPs’ jobs and apprenticeships fair.

The event organised and hosted by Thanet’s two local Members of Parliament, Laura Sandys and Sir Roger Gale, will be held at The Winter Gardens in Margate from 10.00-15.00. There are reportedly 400 jobs on offer with over 80 stands and for one day, The Winter Gardens will transform into Jobs ‘R’ Us, so it's a positive sign in very difficult times for employment here in Thanet


Don said...

I have just blogged aboutt it too, I have been enjoying the series as well and its great to see Thanet on TV other than for bad news.

Anonymous said...

The stories seem rather unsubstantial, but the filming really does show Margate at its best. Quite a contrast to a programme, a few years ago, that was set in Arlington House and showed Margate in a very cold, bleak way. I can imagine that many people who have watched "true Love" will be keen to visit Margate as a result.

I'm not John Worrow said...

I was quite disappointed with it to be honest. The young local writers and film makers could of done better given the resources.

The big attraction was David Tennant, but I dont think the writing/story was good enough for him to deliver a great performance. I was also surprised Lacey Turner was in it at all, and only just a little sort of cameo role.

Two fantastic actors, capable of so much. You must comeback and try harder BBC, and sample some of the local writers.

I'm not John Worrow said...

I am a right pillock, I retract my comment kind of. I only watched the first episode with David Tennant. I didn't realise the episodes were every night, and I just watched the 2nd and 3rd on the Iplayer.

Lacey Turner and Billie Piper are simply brilliant. I can really sympathise and feel for their charactors. Obviously I didn't think much of the first episode, but I am a total twat, and I'm sorry.

Lacey's performance is just magic, she always leaves me having feelings and wanting to care for her.

Anonymous said...

I am being thick? Or did I just miss the point about this pretentious clap-trap??

True Love is rubbish. Take away the fact that it happens to be set in a fairly nice, fairly sunny Margate, it has no plot, no script, no ending, no storyline, no point.

Absolute waste of my time. I could write a story where you didn't have to worry about anything other than populist actors ad-libbing badly.

I think I may ad lib with my license fee, amble along to the post office, maybe get there, maybe not, and ham up a few lines to the postmistress, and then amble off without actually paying the fee. Sound familiar?

Good grief, give me a good ending any-day!! What a heathen eh!?

Anonymous said...

Thanet Life: True Love

I enjoyed watching 2 episodes of the series, it was simple and easy going. Insightful about how love changes in relationships. I would have liked to see all of the series uploaded on youtube. The improvisied love stories were very current and well connected with the characters. A change from the regular daytime and evening 30 mintue TV drama.

Anonymous said...

We really wanted to watch the whole series of True Love. The perfect time came around, but, the Virgin TIVO box 'broke' beyond repair. The only solution for the box was the dustbin, replaced by a new on, with none of our recordings. BOOO! to TIVO.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a fantastic series of short programmes, brilliant acting, brilliant writing just brilliant. Well done to all involved! more of the same please!!