Sunday, June 17, 2012


A long day out at Coventry with a stop at Sywell for fuel on the way home, before passing over the top of Luton airport and out towards Essex and the Isle of Sheppey.

Over at Sywell, spotted an unusual visitor and wandered over to take some photos. The chap I spoke to apparently builds these Fokker DR.1 Triplane replicas with a Lycoming 150HP engine and they are, he said, a bit of a handful. Still, I could be tempted and apparently he's building the classic WW1 fighter the SE5a to full size plans and that may be hard to resist.

I've a marriage proposal banner to prepare for the end of Brighton pier tomorrow afternoon, so maybe, more thoughts and photos later on local elections and more as the evening wears on.

In case you hadn't noticed, there's by-election brewing in Westgate and the Council and councillors are now in a state of 'Purdah.' What this actually means is rather vague and depends very much on who you happen to be speaking with and proper guidance, where blogging is concerned, is rather hard to come by. It's all rather like the Council's Standards Committee dealing with complaints about blogs without really understanding how they work.

From what I could see canvassing on Saturday with James Maskell and some familiar faces opposite, every Party has been out delivering leaflets through people's doors except TIG and the LibDems and perhaps they were somewhere I wasn't.

I 'tweeted' on Saturday, that I was rather bemused by the suggestion that Labour would reverse the coalition's benefits cuts, which are without doubt a source of concern to many people.

Quite how Labour, locally, might achieve this I don't know as it would demand rather more than the parking and the flowers budget. However, it does illustrate, once again, what I wrote last week, that national issues are muddying the waters of what is a very local by-election and people frequently don't know the difference or simply vote along the well-established fault line of tribal loyalty, without caring that much about the value of 'localism' as I understand it at least.

Anyway, I'm just waiting for a bright red, Trades Union sponsored banner to be delivered from the States, which will be aimed fairly and squarely at Ed Miliband in the near future, with a message from the shop floor.


Anonymous said...

You may not have received the latest election tripe through your door Simon, so I will update you ! Claire Mendelsohn, the TIG candidate, asks "Fed up with the schoolboy thuggery of local party politicians ? So is Claire. She claims to be a local yet lives in another constituency altogether, but being a 'local' she used a printer in Southend-On-Sea to get her election leaflets made up ! However, she states she is endorsed by the Thanet Independent Group - not sure if that is much of a plus to be honest !

Don said...

Southend seems a long way to go and the fact they are not concerned enough with the local ecconomy to get their printing done locally or even in the same county speaks volumes. As for National and local issues I am at a loss to say anything and that is a rare occurance.