Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sunny June
Looks like the Thanet seaside has re-opened just in time for what feels like the start of winter and Mary Portas has been spotted, wandering around Margate High Street in the pouring rain, in advance of tonight's meeting at the old Woolworth building.

'Quite what' said one person I listened to on the news, "£100,000 will actually achieve in terms of town centre regeneration, is anyone's guess. Ten times that probably wouldn't be enough for any single town." It's a start at least. I think we would all agree that Margate needs rather more 'TLC' than we can afford but all the right noises are being made in the right places and the 'Turner effect' that so many skeptics sneered at, is steadily working its magic in regenerating the resort in the public imagination.

The overall problems that plague Margate are bigger than most of us can imagine but there's an awful lot of good will and enthusiasm from a committed community who are working very hard to turn it around.

I'm off to see the movie, 'Prometheus' at the Carlton Cinema in Westgate this evening. I'm told it's a prequel to that old favourite, 'Alien' so I'll be settling down to a large container of popcorn, content in the knowledge that I'm not missing a pleasant summer's evening while I'm munching along through the film.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Cliftonville is forgotten yet again, and seems to be feeling absolute no benefit of the Turner effect. How about a bit of rebranding, calling the area "Margate and Cliftonville" (as in "Brighton and Hove")? That way visitors will at least be aware that there's more to be seen just around the corner, even if (like The Lido and The Caves) much of it has disappeared or is in an advanced stage of decay!

Anonymous said...

The Turner effect may be "working its magic... in the public imagination". Shame it's not working in the real world, outside the Old Town oasis.