Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Madness

I wanted to remind Westgate and Westbrook residents that tonight's monthly WWRA meeting is at the United Services club, just behind the Carlton cinema. I have a late meeting in London this afternoon and so it's unlikely I will be able to attend but it's quite possible that several of the Westgate by-election candidates will be present to introduce themselves at the end of the meeting. This is not a political meeting and anyone attempting to make it one will be politely asked to leave by the WWRA committee.

In today's post I've just received the decision of the Council's Standards Committee,on the complaint made by Cllr John Worrow, that I "had made remarks about his mental health on the blog site,"

The Council's decision is that "No further action will be taken in respect of the complaint" and that it was "Not in the public interest to expend tax-payers' money in an investigation". The Committee further commented: "That there was a danger that a complaints process, intended for use by persons who interact with councillors would be used by councillors to pursue political and personal differences."

So that leaves the complaint made by TIG's Cllr Dr Jack Cohen yet to be decided upon.

If I'm honest, I can't recall any comments on this weblog that might lend credence to Councillor's Worrow's allegation that I "made remarks about his mental health" but I would invite readers to visit his recovered blog archive at and draw their own conclusions about the mysterious and conveniently missing webmaster,'Mr Fox' instead!

Southern Water have been busy overnight scraping the seaweed from Thanet's beaches into huge piles along our coast. I very hope that the Council or the contractor move these rapidly and before the Sun comes out and constitutes and incubating health hazard. Obviously, I'm no longer the Cabinet member for the Environment but I would urge my Labour colleague to act swiftly in restoring some level of public confidence in our coastline. I hear there may be a possible class-action brewing from those traders and concessionaires whose business has been damaged by the fiasco of the last week.


Anonymous said...

Simon we are all waiting for a report on last nights meeting in Westgate

simon moores said...

I'm sorry to say Tesco didn't show up which left quite a large audience rather annoyed. It was discussed briefly but without the detail there was little point in exploring the matter in any depth.

Candidates Ash and James Maskell showed up but Jodie, Claire and Bill didn't