Monday, June 04, 2012

Little Britain

Looking at the weather forecast for today, it's all looking rather grim for the continued Jubilee celebrations and the annual 'Margate Meltdown.'

I'm scheduled to be running a display over a crowded, Bank Holiday, Brighton beach but I somehow don't think this is going to happen or that many people will be sunbathing either.

Sunday's WWRA Jubilee party at the Westgate bakehouse was a huge success and great credit goes to Allison, Debi, Jennifer and Lorraine (also pictured) for all their hard work in preparing the food, drink and decorations and the many others who helped make it a local event to remember.

The WWRA President, Eileen Cunnew, pictured in black and white further below and soon to be 90, was crowned 'Queen for the Day,' with an iconic portrait of Barbara Whitlock, pictured above, celebrating as her 'Princess.'

I wandered around with my iPhone camera as usual, looking for images that might sum-up such a great day of community involvement for everyone and have put all my 'snaps' in an online collection for anyone to view or download.

Spare a thought for all those brave motorcyclists, in their thousands, now heading for Margate in the driving wind and rain and for Her Majesty, the Queen, today, who has no choice but to brave one of our finest examples of the great traditional, chilly, wet British Bank Holiday, for her Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace with Sir Cliff Richard, Elton John and others.

Quite how the coastal beacons will be lit tonight is anyone's guess, given the 40mph winds that are expected to blow for much of the day. Unless the the weather changes quite dramatically, more than a box of Swan Vestas and a can of petrol may be required to get the fire going.

Just remind me, are we still in a drought?


Tim Clark said...

According to Clive Hart's latest tweet the local Jubilee celebrations have been a wash out. Obviously didn't venture too far west and the extensive BBC coverage of the Ramsgate celebrations must have been galling. And guess what - no Cllr Scobie to be seen on the BBC piece; missed an opportunity to "coincidentally" be there at the same time as the cameras.
Cllr Driver tweeted his usual republican nonsense; obviously a lot of support in the country; more people turned up to the Ramsgate celebrations than turned up to the national republican protest in London.

Anonymous said...

Are the commentators on these blogs completely incapable of writing anything without an agenda? Simon presents an uncharacteristically positive spin on events that triumphed against the odds, and the first comment we get drags us down to the usual puerile party political quips. Given what's been going on in recent days I'd have thought the celebrations would have been a welcome distraction, but clearly people enjoy wallowing in the misery that is our local politics at present.

Allison Moores said...

Many thanks to everyone who came to the party yesterday and helped make it such a huge success.
As so many people worked very hard behind the scenes for weeks to get everything ready for the big day, it would be impossible to mention them all here.
However, on behalf of the W.W.R.A. Committee I would like to thank local businessman Reg Bell and his wife Jeanette for their generosity to the Association. They very kindly donated all the alcohol and helped in the purchase of the Commemorative Jubilee mugs which we distributed to our guests.
We are grateful to them for their strong sense of community and practical involvement in local events.

Allison Moores
Social Secretary
Westgate & Westbrook Residents' Association.