Friday, June 22, 2012

Indefinitely April

I'm starting to wonder if summer is every going to arrive and stay more than a day or so. If it doesn't make an appearance soon, then the sea will have no chance of warming-up and we may be stuck with an indefinite April until the autumn. That said, you may recall that April did look rather a lot like summer and one beach trader told me he sold out of buckets and spades and sunglasses.

Watching the final episode of 'True Love' the other evening, I was fascinated at how the characters managed to almost instantaneously 'teleport' between scenes at Westgate's West Bay and Botany Bay and Joss Bay on their romantic walk. This may lead to some confusion among tourists attempting to retrace the route. I couldn't but notice that the school featured in the drama, was the Charles Dickens in Broadstairs and wondered if they knew what the story line was?

Some of you may have noticed from the drama that Margate beach only allows two people on at a time.

Staying with the subject of film for a moment and quickly reviewing Thanet Watch's latest batch of protest videos; the most recent being the Concordia surgery protest, starring Cllr Ian Driver, I thought of suggesting something along the lines of more a light-hearted political production from that loose association of crusading 'lefties' filmmakers and resting anarchists often found at Broadstairs' 'Red Hall,' than simply following the megaphone diplomacy of Cllr's Worrow and Driver's personality bandwagon around Thanet.

Don't forget tonight, Tracey Emin in conversation with Stephen Fry , a live broadcast from the Turner Contemporary at 8pm!

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Don said...

Monty Python makes the TIG look normal, I liked the end comment when it says "no one leaves the show empty handed"........."so we cut off his hands"