Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog Latin

A Communication from 'Claire'
It's one of those strange quirks of our legal system that along with tax evasion, 'irregularities' in the electoral process carry the most potentially eye-watering sanctions; so simply knocking together an election brochure without the correct and proper details being visible, verifiable or otherwise, correct in the eyes of the electoral commission, may lead to the most unfortunate consequences for the candidate.

Westgate is presently enjoying a fevered summer of electioneering as candidates lobby for the public eye and popular imagination. Today, I've just been passed the latest ;TIG communication, shown below, which displays some cheerful North Korean goose-stepping in tandem with a little shaky Latin wisdom.

You'll note that opposite "Your Choice is Claire" is the phrase:

"Quis imputo genitus metuo commoveo."

Struggling with my own schoolboy grasp of Latin and with the help of Google this becomes:

"Well, I was born, who ascribe to shake"

Michael Child, whose Latin is much better than my own, translates it as: "I'm so afraid of waking, please don't shake me."

This is perhaps the most opaque if not a profound political statement, I have ever read from a candidate and maybe someone, possibly even 'Claire', who apparently now lacks a surname on her election materials, I think I know why, could explain what this means to the good people of Westgate, who like me may, be struggling.

I suppose if candidates are going to campaign with Latin slogans we could have:

"Amicam ego maioris" and "Etiam Cicero coepi iuvenes" or even "Libertatisque enim Westgate."


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old song regularly sent by troopies in the Middle East to the WRACs on Forces Broadcasting request shows which went "Shake me, I rattle." Often attracting the response "There's always room in our house" whilst the Redcaps regularly got "Little Red Monkey" requests.

All of which has sweet FA to do with TIG's election leaflet but, frankly, what else can one say without being rude.

Michael Child said...

Don't know if mine is any better but I made it: "I'm so afraid of waking Please don't shake me."

Anonymous said...

Better than the Tory leaflets.

simon moores said...

So is The Life of Brian!

Unfortunately for some, elections have to be conducted in a well-established and proper manner and stepping outside this very narrow boundary is about as clever as having an offshore accounting scheme the Inland Revenue don't know about.

I'm not John Worrow said...

Went down to Roger and Laura's Job Fair today. Met Laura for the first time, she seems really lovely and passionate about helping everybody and pushing hard to turn Thanet's fortunes around.
She was going around saying hello to all us common people, welcoming us as we shuffled round the main hall.

Obviuosly I remember Roger when he kept coming to my school assemblies in the late 1980's.

Also kind of met Bob Bayford for the first time, as he just gave me a bored blank expression as we stood face to face in the crowd.
I think he found it as interesting as shoe shopping with his wife.

It was totally packed out, it had admitted over 600+ people in the first hour with people still queing to get in.

Unfortuneately, I'm gonna have to say it was only a partial success, as the majority of the hundreds of opportunities and support were aimed for young apprentices mainly 16-24.

It looked like half the people visiting were over 30 years old. Trying to blag/grovel an opportunity with business's who attended who were only looking for youngsters.

Kind of felt a little embarassed as I was going in, as most people going had some kind of an invite from the Job Centre. I was worried I couldn't enter because I didnt have an invitation.

Maybe Laura can help you with Google Simon, If she has contacts at google and she got them to come down to Ramsgate for that business seminar, maybe she can help you along with your Airads photographing London thing.


Anonymous said...

I find it rather bizarre that you're posting the opposition's leaflets on here but not your own parties! But then again you also criticise other people's policies without coming up with any worthwhile ones of your own.

simon moores said...

I can't.. it's 'purdah'....

I take it you haven't read the opposition leaflet then. Lots of emphasis on local issues etc!

Anonymous said...

"I'm not John Worrow", the reason it was so "popular" is because everyone on Jobseeker's Allowance were told that they HAD to go there otherwise they'd lose money! I agree that it was aimed mostly at under 25s though.

Sandy's lovely, Roger's cool, Bob's boring!

Anonymous said...

See old JW is popping up anonymously again.

Jon said...

JW has problems writing english never mind latin which wasn`t taught to my knowledge at Hartsdown. Pity he didn`t proof read his template more carefully prior to printing. Just about sums up his knee jerk reaction to life.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit I failed O level Latin, but I have a feeling that this phrase would defeat any effort at a decent translation.
Living on 'the cusp' and therefore in Westbrook in terms of electoral ward, I have however seen the Tory leaflet as daughter lives over the border. Well worded reference to the late Clr Goodwin and totally Westgate focused. Good luck to James.

1 o'clock Rob said...

"Anyone to lay to a charge sired to fear to move violently"... WOW!

Tim Clark said...

How about "Beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere" as the motto of the Thanet Labour Group? And maybe "Canis timidus vehementius latrat quam mordet" for TIG?

Anonymous said...

Is " I am not John Worrow" David Fox!!!

I'm not John Worrow said...

reply to Anonymous 7:00 AM.

No, I am not David Fox or John Worrow. I was previously a Anonymous just like you, but Tom Clarke kept saying everybody who was posting as Anonymous was John Worrow. So to be consistant I opted to use the name I'm not John Worrow.

I live in Westgate which is why the upgrade by BT to the Westgate telephone exchange is important to me and others.

As I've mentioned before, I dont vote for the political parties, I vote for the person. I voted for Simon because of his background work with emerging technologies and the internet. Hoping this would influence his decissions on the council, and help move Thanet into the digital world.

Also I only watch the sunday politics on bbc 1, because Rowena Davis is absolutely Gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

INJW, may I use your shortened name, if I ever indicated I thought your were John Worrow I sincerely apologise. I would not wish that fate on anyone.

Admire your taste in politics show presenters, but would have said the full 'drop dead gorgeous.'

Claire Mendelsohn said...

My attention has been drawn to your illustrious blog. In the piece about me you imply that I approved and distributed an election flyer for the Westgate by-election lacking the legal "correct and proper details". The graphic reproduced on your blog is actually one of several designs that I was considering for my election flyer, all of which lacked the legal wording because they were all mock-ups in the pre-print stage. I wasn't aware that a leaflet in the pre-print stage, never to be seen by the Westgate electorate, needed legal wording on it. I do wonder, however, why you are so deeply aggrieved by things that wouldn't trouble persons who could credibly claim to have a life.
As for the Latin text, maybe I can enlighten you? The technical term is "greeking". That's what designers do when they want to show where text will go, and what it will look like, but don't actually have it yet. Quod erat demonstrandum. The text you so valorously translated was, in fact, all Greek to me. ROFL.
The election flyer design I decided to go with, and that was distributed, contained not only the legally required wording, but also, helpfully, my surname. I respectfully suggest that you check the facts with your "source" before going public with erroneous assumptions and potentially damaging implication that have no basis in truth. Your knee-jerk review of the flyer-that-never-was reminds me of the story of John and Yoko's "Wedding Album". When it was was released, Richard Williams, who had been given two single-sided test pressings for his Melody Maker review, each with a blank side featuring only an engineer's test signal, took it to be a double album. Reviewing it as such, he noted that sides two and four consisted entirely "of single tones maintained throughout, presumably produced electronically". This led Lennon and Ono to send the following telegram to Williams:
I hugely appreciate your apparently voracious interest in my campaign, and look forward to working with you following my election.
Love and peace, stop.
Claire Mendelsohn

Tim Clark said...

No, doesn't wash. Please try harder and this time try not to shout

Anonymous said...

If you google 'Your Choice' it is a porn distribution company in Amsterdam, though the wares are sent from within England apparently. From Ramsgate maybe ?.....

CM said...

I'm crushed, Tim. Is it over between us so soon?

simon moores said...

I like your sense of humour.. it's a rare quality in local politics!

Tim Clark said...

CM. 'Fraid so. Unlike you my dear I did the love and peace bit at the time, not vicariously a few decades later. For a much derided culture the old hippy values always seem to flop back into vogue. As others have said, if you can remember the 60's you weren't there.

CM said...

Ah, that old "if you can remember the 60's" line. You're such a cornball, Tim.