Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Comic Strip Presents

It was a long hot day, both on the ground and in the air, with some temporary relief from the humidity and the Sun above 3,000 feet before I arrived back in Kent.

Paperwork finished, I was enjoying a much-anticipated cold beer and what was left of my birthday, with my feet up in the garden, just before 7pm, when I had a call from one of our local hacks. More accurately perhaps I was given fifteen minute lecture and despite reminding him at least twice that as a journalist I was happy to answer his questions but not to listen to a monologue of his opinions, the penny didn't drop. So I tried telling him that I had had a long hot day and really wasn't in the mood to speak with him beyond offering a simple three line quote and I really didn't care what he thought of this blog or indeed, anything else.

Having left him to talk to himself for a minute while I went hunting in the freezer for another cold Stella, on my return, unable to get a word in between his opinions,  I concluded I was trapped in an endless Blackadder sketch and simply hung-up on him, returning to my beer and an excellent steak and salad birthday dinner which were waiting for me.

Anyway, the last post provoked some interesting comments and I'm quite happy that the information offered is accurate, so time to move on and find another subject to write about before the weekend.

Yesterday's Facebook story somehow reminded of me of Tompkinsons Schooldays. I can't think why. A normal blogging service will be resumed later.

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