Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I wandered into Margate this morning but couldn't see any sign of beach closure notices, following-on from the weekend's serious sewage spill at the Foreness treatment plant.

I think the email I received earlier, sums-up public confusion over where we stand or more importantly, where we can swim?

"I was intending to bathe in the sea today until I met a friend by chance in Westgate who told me all Thanet beaches are closed. I went to West Bay at 10.15 am to consult the lifeguard but the hut was closed and a chalked notice announced there would be no lifeguard on duty today. No flags were flying and there was no notice that I could find about beach closure.

I've checked on TDC's website and sure enough there is a notice of precautionary closure of all Thanet beaches from Monday until further notice. I phoned TDC at 10.45 am but no-one on duty could explain why red flags were not flying, nor why there were no prominent notices on the beaches. I am expecting a call back from TDC but I did express the opinion that red flags should be flying and warning notices displayed prominently within the hour.

I'm a amazed in these days of a collective obsession on the part of authorities about health & safety that a genuine and important risk such as sewage contamination of our lovely and normally safe beaches should be treated in a less than responsible way.

I hope I can rely on your support to get TDC to raise red flags and place warning notices on the promenade as a matter of urgency. What is more alarming is that my granddaughter and friends went to Viking Bay to watch the fireworks on Monday evening and played in the sea when the firework display was cancelled but none of the marshalls on duty warned them or their parents of the contamination risk.

Many thanks in anticipation."


Jon said...

Simon, I think Southern Water needs a real shake-up and that is putting it mildly. Following their increase in prices they introduce a hosepipe ban. Now they have a pump failure apparently. If this pump was so important where is the spare? You can see that they regularly test this important pump as well. Finally, how can they take so long to replace it? I think the chief exec of Southern Water has a lot to answer. I hope that he is not hoping for a bonus this years!

Anonymous said...

No statement from Iris , but then after all this is a bad news story so labour are in their bunkers

Anonymous said...

12;52 you are right where is Iris Clive Hart et al, Thanet relies on Tourism its beaches and what happens all closed and no staements from Hart and his team, worse still Worrow has'nt been heard, come on John Boy here is a "campaign" for you.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Taking the petty politics out of the issue.
We all have to face the fact that the damage has been done and in the past this has happened before but on a much smaller scale.
The marine life around the coast is pretty resilient so the chances of mass deaths are remote as this is a one off. Eventually the hazard will disperse and considering that it is spring tides at present plus the winds are favourable so it shouldn't take long for things to be back to normal. However I think the only area of concern would be areas like Margate Habour were there is little current and any hazard would remain in the silt for a while until it bio degrades.

Tony2 said...

Lets teach Southern Water a lesson. Sue them to the hilt. They have stuffed up Thanet's tourist trade, blue flags and all. Heavy rain should no longer be a reason for incidents like this. Do not let this become a political issue of who is responsible for putting up the right sort of notice. This happened last Wednesday and TDC would appear not to have been told until the bank holiday weekend had started. Let all political parties band together and sue! sue! sue! That's what the Americans did to BP when they polluted their beaches.

Anonymous said...

I'm going out and I'm going to turn on the hose and I will wait for my neighbours to report me.