Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Big Day at Buck House

The day after the big palace concert the night before, London had its fireworks and Broadstairs didn't. Quite how the 'Elf n' Safety' differs between the two, I'm not sure, as when I returned last evening from flying at Brighton, Thanet seemed quite calm in the early evening summer sunshine; perhaps Broadstairs was under the influence of another weather system?

I'm a little disappointed that nobody wanted to use the giant flying Queen's Jubilee banner locally for the celebrations as it would have been such an easy thing for me to arrange for an impromptu air display.

Back briefly to the increasingly sordid bear-pit of local politics for a  moment and I hear that not only are UKIP and Labour fielding council candidates for Westgate along with the Residents Association (WWRA) but TIG has now reportedly put-up Claire Mendelsohn from Ramsgate. I'm guessing that Labour are hoping to try and split the solid Conservative vote so that the 28-year-old Mayoress of Margate Jodie Hibbert, of recent "I love that our PM's such an asshole"  and "All my friends are drunks" fame, can find a quick seat on the Council. One might have thought that after all the recent online fuss with Cllr Mike Harrison, now suspended for a month, the former Mayor of Margate, Iris Johnston and Clive Hart might at least have trawled Jodi's Twitter and Facebook pages before recommending her so wholeheartedly to the people of Westgate, even before Cllr Goodwin's funeral.

The next four weeks, I'm sure, won't be short of  local political gossip and stories and I'm guessing that by Friday, quite a few local politicians Facebook pages will have been vigorously redacted as both Mike and Jodie's have in the last week or so. Unfortunately, the deletion of more outrageous online social media statements doesn't mean they are not there anymore and they have a nasty habit of coming back to bite at us vital moments when we would rather not be reminded of them and the best are invariably kept until last.


Anonymous said...

30th November Ms Hibbert calls the Prime Minister an a--hole.
I suppose she wasn't thinking about public office in Westgate then!

Anonymous said...

To be fair she's 100% accurate!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope she has the maturity to listen to locals concerns when campaigning instead of just trying to dredge up trivialities from the opposition's past.

Michael Child said...

Simon for clarification here, could you tell us which part of human anatomy you personally think best describes David Cameron?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:30 am sure I remember another candidate having to withdraw at the last election for comments they made on a social networking site before even being selected.

while it may not be fair it does seem to be the norm that your online past can easily come back to haunt you

simon moores said...


You are starting to sound like Peter Checksfield!

Anonymous said...

Mr Child.....grow up!

Anonymous said...

Just as well she didn't use the same description for John Worrow otherwise the excrement would have hit the fan, bigtime.

Clearly here we have a lady with superlative debating skills who quickly sums up her opposition and then thinks up witty things to say about them, like asshole! Maybe she will get reported to Standards before she is even elected, which could be a first.

Furthermore, her connections to drunken friends could be useful when considering licence applications. All in all she seems eminently well qualified for the Labour benches at TDC.

Anonymous said...

So TIG think someone from Ramsgate can represent the people of Westgate.

I do not think so mind you looking forward to not voting for non Westgate residents.

Anonymous said...

Most councillors are heavy drinkers in my experience, so she'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:35, doesn't the (Tory) MP for North Thanet live outside the area?

Anonymous said...

7.08 If that's your voting criteria I hope you don't live in Westgate.
I want someone who is sober and can do the job to be my Councillor. And they have to live in Westgate too.

Anonymous said...

Having seen what it has done to all her friends, I believe she's now a teetotal.

Anonymous said...

I believe she's a nun!

Anonymous said...

I believe she's hot!

Who will the Tory candidate be?

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon,

I understand you have commented that I was out canvassing on the Saturday before Brian's funeral. This is absolutely untrue.

My sons had booked a few days away for me leaving on the Sunday morning and I needed to get our candidates nominaton papers signed before I went away. I had been warned that the by election was likely to be called the following Monday or Tuesday and I contacted a friend who helped me get the paper completed. Nothing more and nothing less.

Brian and I always got on very well and he often thanked me for helping with issues in the ward. I also try to assist you and other councillors of whatever colour when asked and I hope by treating people with respect some of it is returned.

Via Mick and Shirley I offered the use of the Parlour for Brian's family if the funeral had taken place before the end of my Mayoral year. Will would have followed on if required.

I am always appalled by unpleasant and malicous campaigning and I hope in Westgate Jodie will be given the opportunity to enjoy her first 'outing' without snide and vicious comments. We are so lucky to have an intelligent young woman willing to work for our community and as her agent I wil do everything possible to help her win.

I am happy for you to put this on your blog site.

Regards, Iris

simon moores said...


I'm simply reporting what I have been told and the expressions of outrage. Your collecting signatures for Jodie in the company of Will has gone down very badly in Westgate.

Simply putting Jodie up as Will's girlfriend has gone down equally badly as yet one more cynical, money-grabbing Labour ploy as well.

I shall certainly add this to the blog

Best wishes

Simon Moores

Anonymous said...

I note that the Labour councilllor has only been suspended for one month - let me guess no meetings during that time!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange - Conservatives and Labour suspend councillors for their bad behaviour, who is going to suspend Worrow for being the owner of the blogsite that made an appalling attack on a member of the public? Verbal attacks on another councillor pales into insignifigance in comparison to attacking the public.
Why isn't his job as chair of a committee being taken away from him. Come on Labour, you gave it him, time to take it away.

simon moores said...

8:12... Yes.. it's a remarkable coincidence but there are no meetings involving any voting of consequence scheduled between now and then. A political stroke of luck one might think!

I'm not John Worrow said...

I dont know anything about Jodie Hibbert, or anything else about her.

I also agree that the person running for the position for Westgate Councilor should live in Westgate. If you check the wards of Thanet and where their councilors actually live, you'l see a lot of them dont live in the wards they represent.

For example, the EX Conservative but still active Thanet Councilor Ken Gregory who has been the Ward Councilor for Garlinge (2 terms I think) doesn't live in Garlinge, but in Minster in Ramsgate.

So the dis approval about TIG's or Labour shouldn't put non Westgate residents up for the position, is kind of double standards compared to the history/current Conservative Thanet ward councilors.

As for Jodie's comment about David Cammeron on her blog/webpage, and that these thing's can comeback and bite her on her bum. I'd just like to point out Simon posted on this very same blog, that he had negotiated a 10% discount to all readers of Thanet Life with all the local brothels.

If you go through Simon's past post's, you'l find it.

Anonymous said...

Well said Iris! Jodi's far more than just a pretty face, and will be an asset to the community. How ironic that Dr Moores was complaining on this blog very recently that he (thinks he) lost the election due to people making snide remarks about him, yet he's perfectly happy to carry on doing this to others. Desperation due to lack of actual policies I suspect!

simon moores said...

For readers' interest, I just had a stand-up row with Iris in the Council building.

An argument with Iris is rather like attempting to cross-examine Harriet Harman but before she stormed off I managed to confirm that 'Yes' she had been collecting signatures for Jodi in Westgate and 'introducing her' on the Saturday before Brian Goodwin's funeral but that this was none of my business, because she was going on holiday and that was the only opportunity she had to do it.

So that's clear then!?

simon moores said...

9:12... err.. I didn't lose the election.. do keep up and do please point out if I write anything here which isn't true!

Anonymous said...

Since when did Simon Moores lose an election, 9:12, and I think it was rather more than snide comments. It was actually defamatory leaflets being delivered around the ward.

If you are going to comment, do please do your homework first or is it, because you didn't in the past, you have finished up as a Labour supporter. Well just you let that be a lesson to you.

Anonymous said...

8.47 sometimes you have to spread the talent pool that come forward for selection, beyond where someone lives - otherwise we would all end up with inept John Worrows. At all levels of local government you get 'bed blockers' who once in, never leave, even when there is better talent around. You should have seen the ineffectual Westgate county councillor at the Sainsbury's meeting - the district councillors ran rings around him.

Anonymous said...

One month suspension - or is it just a holiday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats the bet Iris will turn up with Jodie at the Residents Association and try to make it political.
Every time she goes to the meetings she says "well I'm only here as a resident" and then does a twenty minute speech about how great Labour is.

Anonymous said...

So Iris doesn't like nasty comments. But she is very happy to promote and defend Worrow at TIG who call members of the public who disagree with him "UGLY PIG MONSTERS"

Shame on you Iris!