Monday, June 04, 2012

Barbara Whitlock Goes Global

I'm delighted that the iconic photo of Barbara Whitlock at yesterday's Queen's Diamond Jubilee party, held by the Westgate & Westbrook Residents' Association at the Bakehouse has 'gone global.'

I syndicate my photos on Flickr and this particular image, was spotted very quickly and seen to reflect the true national spirit of the Jubilee celebrations in 'Little Britain' from around the world.

'The icing on the Jubilee cake!'

Well done indeed Barbara!

While all this excitement was happening, I had taken a chance with this morning's awful weather and headed-off towards Brighton, for a client who was very inisistent on my having a go at getting airborne over the beach this afternoon.

Quite remarkably, the weather changed dramatically after lunch and I managed to get my display done to plan and if you would like to see a pilot's eye view of Brighton Beach, then there's a short YouTube clip below.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, her late husband Peter and Eileen Cunnew have been the backbone of the Association for years.
Nice to see a bit of recognition for the town too.

Anonymous said...

Meantime in little old family friendly Broadstairs, I left my house to head to the sea front, among the throng of families heading the same way for our Jubilee fireworks. It had turned out a nice dry evening with a gentle offshore breeze, barely rustling the leaves on the trees.

I joined the crowds along the clifftop railings and waited, and waited. Then a lady announced that she had been told by the ambulance crew that the fireworks were off for, you guessed it, health and safety reasons because the wind. Wind, almost laughable, for one person could have created more after a tin of baked beans.

Around me there were disappointed children, angry parents and almost total disbelief in most quarters. I trudged home and switched on the TV. In the centre of one of the world's biggest cities, there was a massive fireworks display over Buckingham Palace. Elsewhere on the regional news around the South East there were fireworks and bonfires aplenty, but not in little old Broadstairs.

I was left to wonder. Is it the Thanet curse or just some little Hitler with the power to make such a decision and screw up the evening for hundreds of people, leaving them to trudge miserable home with their weeping offspring.

Mind you, I am glad the people of Westgate put on a show for this special occassion. We only waited sixty years for the chance in Broadstairs and then stuffed it!