Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

The sudden disappearance of the Thanet Independent Group (TIG) website, came as a shock to many readers yesterday. Had their been a catastrophic server crash at Google's Mountain View facility or had the politically-motivated, hacker group, 'Anonymous', targeted  the TIGs in a denial of service attack?

Nobody appears to know the answer but like several John Worrow-controlled weblogs before it, TIG suddenly evaporated from the blogosphere and with it, the vital information that might be required to support at least one of the Standards complaints of many, now in the hands of Thanet District Council.

However, all is not lost and in particular, the valuable political resource and gems of personal wisdom, that the TIG weblog represented, its manifesto and position on vital elements of local policy; more important than ever before. You will have read that all three TIG councillors now hold the most influential positions, being given the Chairs on Thursday evening, of the Council's most important governance committees.

Now, I just happen to have the archive of all TIGs posts from the very beginning and I thought, as a gesture of cross-party cooperation at its finest, that I would rebuild their content for them. It may take a little time of course but you will see from the sidebar and here that we now have a new weblog, .

Readers will not only be able to remind themselves of those important policy commitments such as the 'Boy George look-alike contest' for this summer's Minnis Bay Pride weekend or the introduction of 'Diversity Blogging Wardens'  but will now be able to leave (moderated) comments on each of the stories. You may recall that for some strange technical reason, TIG has had huge problems accepting comments on their blog in the past but now I've solved that particular challenge.

So read on and enjoy and don't forget there's a little bit of Tigger in all of us!


Peter Checksfield said...

Can I leave comments there?

Pleeeaaaasssse!!! ; )

Anonymous said...

This is getting to be even better than 'Private Eye'!

Readit said...

Why keep a blog, when you have got the allowances?

Roger Latchford OBE said...

Well done Simon, I would like to draw the attention of all Birchington Residents especially those who voted for a Conservative administration and Conservative Cllrs, to come to the Village Centre Monday Evening at 7PM where you will be able to question the District and Parish Cllrs at the Parish Council Assembly on issues which concern you.
For those in Birchington South who voted for Cllr Worrow as your Conservative Cllr, and whose defection following election brought about a change of Local control from the Conservatives to Labour and that at this weeks annual meeting in TDC Cllr Worrow voted with labour on every issue against the Conservatives. (including a nomination for a Lady Chairman, and this is from the equality Chairman.)
If you feel strongly come long and attend the meeting, if you do not wish to speak in Public,I am sure your Conservative Ward Cllrs, in the South, Alasdair Bruce, and in the North Cllr's Coleman Cooke and Day will happily speak for you.
See you there this is your chance to get your voice heard..

Tim Clark said...

My guess is that they are preparing some sort of policy change affecting Councillors with blogs; which of course means Conservative Councillors who blog. Harrison, Scobie et al will be exempt. The champions of free speech will aim to stifle it when it doesn't accord with their views.
What I don't understand is what their longterm aim is. The people of Northwood would vote for a dog poo as long as it had a red rosette, so Driver is probably fairly safe there. However I don't think Birchington will forgive Worrow and Cohen and I'm afraid that the real Independents will be damaged by association unless they put some distance between them and the Tigs.
Love the Archive, especially the titles for the other sites

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? Where is the pig monster post? This archive looks tame compared to what I saw.


Anonymous said...

There is of course a cached copy, though I doubt it will stay for long.

simon moores said...

No.. it's there this morning but the editor Sandra, had to check some legal issues with the subject of the blog first.