Thursday, May 24, 2012

News of News

Thanet  District Council will tonight decide the future of Manston airport in an extraordinary meeting of the council and it very much looks as if Labour will be using a 'Whipped' vote with the support of the three now comfortably rewarded 'TIG's' to have their way on 'No Night Flights.' The debate will, I'm sure be a heated one.

Meanwhile, I hear that the 'soaraway' Thanet Gazette has its sights firmly set on TIG's Leader, Cllr John Worrow, in tomorrow's edition as it investigates the continuing mystery of the fabulous Mr Fox, TIG's missing webmaster.

I also see today that those busy Broadstairs-based psuedo-anarchist socialists, the Thanet Watch pampleteers, aka 'The Communist Manifesto' on my weblog sidebar, also feature Cllr Worrow prominently on the front of their latest issue today. Price 60p in all good newsagents.

In fact I may own a rare copy with a visible misprint but I'm looking out for some more.

One of our readers has sent me in the dictionary definition of 'TIG' which appears to be: "TIG (as in TAG) - a children's game in which one chases the rest and anyone who is caught then becomes the pursuer."

No real surprises there then!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the publicity again!

simon moores said...

Don't worry Christine, the moment I find someone who has a good word for what you are publishing I will let you know. Presently you have an enviable skill in uniting both Labour and Conservatives in their poor opinion of Thanet Watch. The latest suggestion from the 'Left' is that it's funded by the Socialist Worker and not the North Koreans!

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting this is a political publication, Simon? I thought it was satire and laughed my way through it. It cannot be real surely?

Anonymous said...

They were flogging their sad rag from a stall on the prom in Broadstairs yesterday - do hope they have a licence....?

Anonymous said...

Is that the kind of negativity we really need peddled to our weekend visitors. A publication that just rubbishes Thanet is hardly good for business or prospects.

One reference to a late developer, still being mourned by his family, uses the caring expression "one down, more to go." Real classy journalism that!