Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Bananas

It's been a curious day. The Thanet Times has revealed that none other than Lord Lucan is the mysterious and now missing webmaster for the Thanet Independent Group's website and Michael Child, presently Labour's principal cheerleader in Ramsgate is worrying that I'm becoming a little obsessed, with the TIGs. To be honest, it's very hard not to be drawn along with the story as it develops each day, together with the Thanet Gazette, the BBC, several local weblogs and who knows, perhaps even Private Eye?

A couple of weeks ago, given our differences, simply having a chat with the editor of the Gazette and my old friend, Tony Flaig, would have been quite unusual but the events of the last week have brought people together, in asking what on earth is going on at Thanet Council and where will it all end?

Hardly a day passes without one new strange revelation or another and I'm most impressed that Birchington Parish Councillor, Bernard la Roche, has had an epiphany of his own and joined the happy independent band, of Worrow, Cohen and Driver, because this now gives me the opportunity to add the video clip below, from the popular 60's children's series, 'The Banana Splits,' as the suggested supporting music for Thanet's most unusual but influential political group.

Other breaking news this evening is that Margate's new Mayor, Will Scobie, is claiming his Twitter account was hacked today, which would account for his new and unusual sideline in peddling a 'revolutionary' American herbal diet programme over the internet. I did point this strange series of 'Tweets' out to him a little earlier but if you happen to have invested in any miracle diet pills as a consequence of his glowing endorsement of the product, I suggest that before you experience any unfortunate side-effects, you return these to the Mayor's parlour in Margate and ask for a refund.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I can return to something a little more serious and down to earth, than dodgy weight loss advice from the Mayor and some wildly exaggerated rumours of a deranged, homophobic ninja assassin stalking one of our Birchington councillors.

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