Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Magic Roundabout

Thursday evening sees a meeting of the Council's Cabinet and there are several controversial items on the agenda that will likely catch the public's attention and possibly enjoy a little vigorous showboating from some independent quarters in the process.

The first of these is the 'Consultation response to the proposed night-time flying policy submitted by Manston airport.' The second involves a report into the future of the trauma unit at the QEQM hospital and the third is the Royal Sands agreement, where the report requested by the last Cabinet meeting will be submitted but this will again be closed to the public because of issues commercial confidentiality.

Another item, which will likely pass most people by is the new 'Neighbourhood Planning Process' which gives greater control to local communities in determining development and Sir Roger Gale recently bought this subject up in a discussion with Westgate traders, over the Sainsbury's supermarket application for Hundreds Farm.

It will be interesting to see if the now familiar 'Magic Roundabout' trend of  the Labour Cabinet kicking back its 'progressive', decisive and difficult decisions to Council will continue.

More recently, I've found one has to arrive at the meeting early or risk the Tiny Independent Group setting-up shop in the Conservative opposition seats.

Given what's on the  Thursday agenda, this is bound to be both  informative and entertaining in more ways than one, as efforts at what you or I might think of as serious debate or cross-examination, are either quashed rapidly by the 'progressive' Chair or become a little incoherent with a little shouting thrown-in for good measure. But come along and see as there's rarely a dull moment in local politics these days!


Anonymous said...

Totally off this topic...good luck with that agenda Simon....have just opened the Thanet Times to see amongst the people of Thanet asked their views about elected town mayors was guess who? This is becoming a bit like an easy version of Where's Wally.

Mildred Hubble said...

You should probably get used to him getting some publicity over the next year seeing as he will be Mayor. Like it or not he ain't going anywhere!

Chris Wells said...

I see the Tiggywinckle trio's website is powered by something called 'Ethereal template'.

Definition of ethereal? - "Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible."

Could not have phrased it better myself.. Well done, Tiggywinckles, at least one slice of honesty from your pronouncements then!