Friday, May 25, 2012

Ice Cream and Capuchino

I've been doing my rounds of Westgate this afternoon and I'm delighted to see the new traditional sweets and ice cream shop is now open at the end of Station Road, next to the Post Office.

Called "Piero's" I can personally recommend the ice cream selection on a day like today. if you click on the photo further below then you can see what sweets are available in all the interesting-looking jars.

Westgate is, of course, becoming increasingly 'Chic' with three new businesses opening in the last month; nothing less than miraculous given the worst recession in living memory.

My view on small high streets like my own and that of Margate's 'Old Town' quarter, is that small 'vertical' businesses, like our micro-pub and with luck, Piero's, point the way forward to a mini-renaissance, particularly in a tourist economy and with Westgate having such fine beaches within sight and walking distance of the Turner Contemporary.

Strolling through to the other end of Station Road, I stopped for a chat with Stevie (Stelios) who many readers will recognise from the men's barbers, next-door to Beano's cafe, having a Mediterranean coffee break between customers at Molly's bar, where I joined him for a capucinno and also had a chat with Lorraine who owns this second of three new businesses in Westgate.

Apparently Stevie is planning to transform his shop into a more traditional men's barbers, offering hot towel shaves and with a change in decor with an awning over the front to suit the older style of Westgate. I for one think this is a great idea as I firmly believe that if the traders can recreate the unique style of Westgate, it will only become more attractive as a summer tourist destination, evoking some of the memories I had of the town as a boy. I can only say, 'Good Luck' and I'm here if anyone needs my help with the Council.

Finally, I was asked a little earlier what plans, if any, there were to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in Westgate-on-Sea and the answer is that the WWRA, local resident's association is having an event, for members only, at the Bake House, behind the Carlton Cinema, between 1pm and 4pm on Sunday, 3rd June. It's a big party with food and drinks and so if you aren't a member already, now's a good time to join.

I'm also informed that on Monday night the Birchington Parish Council will be meeting in the parish Office in Albion Road starting at 7.30pm, and for those people from Birchington and Minnis Bay who were unable to ask Cllr John Worrow a question due to his previous non-appearance, this is an opportunity for him to meet the public he appears so keen to avoid.


Roger Latchford OBE said...

Simon this has nothing to do with your Blog, but tomorrow night the Birchington Parish Council will be meeting in the parish Office in Albion Road starting at 7.30pm, and for those people who were unable to ask Cllr Worrow a question due to his last non appearance, hopefully now is their chance!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a really attractive shop assistant

Lorraine H said...

We have lots of attractive shop assistant in Westgate of all ages.

I'm not John Worrow said...

Warning, Politically incorrect statement follows!

Served by a Lovely Sweety when you buy your Sweetie's.

Easy Tiger ;)